Make small planets more desirable

I was reading about how nobody wants small planets because larger ones are much better. I have a very basic idea that might change that. #mechanics #planets

Planets could have a Gravity stat based on their size. Smaller worlds would have lower gravity and larger ones would have higher.

Low gravity worlds could have bonuses.

  • Increased mining rate
  • Decreased structure construction time
  • (or decreased structure construction costs)

High gravity worlds would could have penalties.

  • Decreased mining rate
  • Increased structure construction time
  • (or increased structure construction costs)

Issue is more the low population count though. One large world can be better then two small.

And yet they have the same corruption rating… There’s your problem.

But I like Lady_Aura’s options a lot. We seem to have several 5-6K worlds in game with rich mixed resources that are pretty close to impossible to use in mid late game as the corruption for taking one on will kill you and the low Pop count prevents proper exploitation!

Another thought to use this worlds, is the old idea of a mining Colony or Dome or some such. At least with that we could take the surface res off of them ?

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A dedicated mining colony could be interesting if it was for only 10k and under sized planets. Limited population totals, Limited to zero corruption, locked in low tax rate for all races and ZERO military structures/assets. Defense would be from orbit only and yes defense troops could be dropped, but no barracks to keep them stationed on the planet. Would be a dedicated cap on them say ten for every race.

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I like the idea. By increasing the mining rate and decreasing structure construction time/costs, you would make it more practical to “strip mine”. Just plop down a bunch of each type of mining base, grab all the resources, deconstruct it all and move on to the next small planet.

You can do that now it’s just that nothing in the game really facilitates this.

Maybe an alternative is that mining ships can directly mine any planet under 10k size.