Major Gamebreaking bug: Invasion not give the good reasult

Attack Streingth:352.927
Defence Streingth: 180.564
Here is the ingame print screen:

No Orbit Defence:

It might be a rare case because of your high odds. but not impossible.

I have lost with better odds than what you had !! on the other side I have won with a “low” chance of winning. Makes the game more interesting, in my opinion.

I see he has a cap of 120k troops and when you attacked they were at 106k
They do increase to their cap when the countdown is running

So that wasn’t the final number (180k defensive)

Either way
You had almost x2 their troops (in effective strength)
From my experience that’s always a 50/50 whether it’s a win or a loss

For more guaranteed results you’d want to at least x3 or ideally if possible x4 the defence and then you’re almost guaranteed to win

Very lucky! And very nice hehe

I never tried to attack with low/moderate odds
Simply because with high odds I find myself winning 2/5 invasions

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