Main 1 Master of Combat

Well, Main 1 has been fun. Just cracked 100k on Mater of Combat.
Kind of hoping @joe would consider including more options for qualifying for Veteran server rather than just the overall emperor score. My account is trash, but I’m still killing lots of stuff! :joy:

Would like to think that might qualify me for veteran’s. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking that too. I was lucky and broke 100k emperor score before the zerg started to really inflict any damage on me but it made me think that if they had been slightly faster about it, they could have locked me out of veteran.

The irony being that to get veteran status today, your best bet is to actually not fight anyone and carebear it up until you get to 100k score, which mainly seems to be accomplished by owning a lot of ships and not fighting anyone. Therefore “veteran” status ends up populated by a bunch of people who never fight!

I think they should use my “tonnage destroyed” idea and let that be veteran status. No getting into Valhalla unless you blow up a lot of player stuff.


Something along the lines of

50% of Points from GE
5% of Points from MoW
5% of Points from Explorer
1% of Points from Industrial
10% of Points from Economy

So it will include some cummulative values

Also a reset should remove the values on the leaderboard but each iteration on each server should be cummulative.

so 10000 points on Main 1 from play 1 should be saved and added to in play 2

To be fair, you did burn down half of your planets yourself. Can’t blame the game on that.

I would probably just make multiple paths to unlock Veteran. It’s silly to put so much weight on assets when assets probably just mean you aren’t fighting anyone. At best, that should be ONE way to get there but not the only way.

In theory, someone could have a bang up game from day 1, lose lots of stuff, kill lots of stuff, be the best player in the game and never make it to Veteran because fighting is not how you get to Veteran status.

If anything it should probably be a series of unlocks. It’s exploitable but at least shows competence in core areas:

  • Must win an invasion against a planet that has at least 50,000 troops and a T2 ODS
  • Must lose a planetary invasion that you started
  • Must lose a planetary invasion where you are the target
  • Must win a planetary invasion where you are the target
  • Must reinforce a planet during an invasion
  • Must lay a certain amount of minefields
  • Must sweep a certain amount of mines
  • Must win a cloaking engagement with no losses
  • Must win a close flight with a large fleet (size 10+, must survive with no more than 25% health)
  • Must lose a fight worth some minimum value

Kinda stuff you see as “Steam achievements” in other games could be veteran unlocks here (and Steam achievements).

Might be you need to check off literally everything in order to unlock veteran but maybe just make a large list and you can knock out any 90% of them to qualify.

Clans will sit around and exploit them to unlock everything but at least it would force them to understand the mechanics. As it stands today, you can make Veteran without firing a shot, which just seems embarrassing.

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Did I ever blame the game or anyone?

And to be equally fair, had I not razed them myself, the COTP players involved would simply have taken or destroyed them. So the net result is the same.

Slamz seems to have picked up well on my point. It’s just to say that there should be alternate paths to Veterans. I’ve placed a much higher emphasis on fighting than account building. It doesn’t seem quite right to me that someone who has demonstrated themselves to be an actual “combat” veteran would be excluded from a “veterans” server. Does that seem right to you?


It’s a valid point, but last I heard they’re throwing out the 100k requirement anyhow, so the rest may not matter at the end of the day. Don’t recall the source of that information, though.

And yes, I took at least one of your planets, after you set it on fire… the stupid trash cans are still dying, at like -29/h for the next 20 years.




Yeah that’s probably the simple answer anyway: just eliminate the idea of “veteran”, especially as the game seems to moving towards a “one galaxy to rule them all” model.

As it stands, “Main 1” basically is the veteran galaxy since it forces all new-comers through the Skirmish map first. (Which, while painful, is still a good idea. It has eliminated the majority of “sign in once and quit” dead systems which plagued previous maps.)

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Ah, you mean my quest for 100k is over?


I’ve been working hard crushing skulls and building an economy that doesn’t make me want to: :face_vomiting:

giv’n the subjectively glacial pace of dev of this game I would rather funds spent on dev rather than on too many galaxies.

I am getting the impression that it is necessary to experience some of the higher techs to be viable. thus I believe that new players such as meself should be restrickted to skirmish1 for longer. main1 thus becomes the ‘veteran’ zone.

with independent colonies… I would agree… one galaxy… even skirnish seems to diminish the main galaxy considerably…