Lv4 Shipyard cost WAY too much power


Personally im not against the current cost of the T4 Shipyard. Its very possible to build, if people allow their standards to go down a bit about how perfect a manufacturing planet has to be. It doesnt have to sit on a homeworld for example, that already has to stack deep mines for all resources.

However if the main irritation of people is that they really HAVE to use their homeworld as a manufacturing world, then at game start, make sure people start with a large homeworld, then people can choose if they want to stack deep mines OR fill the planet with Shipyard etc. Currently the spawning algorithm means players can get a homeworld of any size. Some started with size 5k homeworlds (i started with a size 8k) while others can start with a size 23k homeworld. Its far too large a variation as a 5K or 8K homeworld is so small that it can hardly support deep mines + power/ EC even if you demolish all labs and shipyard.

For me i have terraformed another larger world for the T4 shipyard then use Cargo transporters to move the resources it needs there from in system.