Low graphics performace when in a system with many fleets


I know this might not be something major, but i’m experiencing pretty low frame rate when entering a system where i keep a high number of fleets.

Other than that, the game runs very smoothly. except when i enter that particular system, the framerate drops significantly. I’m running a gtx1060.

A normal system:

That system:

Is this a known thing?
I mean, it doesn’t make much sense since it displays fleet icons which are just some white circles, and i doubt rendering a few white circles can strangle a gtx1060

Thanks for letting us know. We are planning to do some work on optimization very soon so I’ll make sure this is looked at.

If you haven’t enabled Vertical sync you could try that in the meantime.

Hi Joe,

Thanks a lot for looking into this.
Vsync is off, but i guess even if it would be on, the frame rate should still go up to me panel’s refresh rate (which is higher than 10Hz)