Lots of bugs showing up

I’m sending them as they pop up, but running across many bugs, the latest one is trying to send a message to the server and it won’t send. I had to restart. It occurred when I merged a ship with another to create a fleet.

Also in the process of relogging in, the galaxy age is going backwards, says -8 min right now.

Had another bug, was able to send in a bug report, but game locked up and I have to restart. I had drilled down to look at a fleet with the intent of splitting it when it occurred. In a planet’s orbit, but not sitting at the planet itself.

Had another bug, this time I was talking in chat, and in game it decided I wanted to look at a fleet in flight, got a client error, a bug report and now stuck and have to restart.

When trying to select planets in drop down menu if cursor hits bottom of map (about cursor size above bottom of screen) the drop down menu disapears or deslects itself).


Another error when drilling down on a fleet. Bug report sent, have to restart.

Screen shot of Ordnance bug

Ordnance sometimes just appears as Limbalt when transfering.

That’s not a bug, that’s the way it shows up. Limbaldt is the resource on the planet side and it is converted into ordinance during the transfer to the ship. Limbaldt to Limbaldt would go into a cargo hold.

You can’t hold ordinance on the planet, nor can you convert limbaldt from a cargo hold or non occupied planet to a ship. It can only be converted from the one of your planets to the ship (at present anyways). If you want to transport ordinance, you have to have ordinance modules on a freighter and do the convertion into the ordinance module. Then you can transfer it fleet to fleet, they do not share within a fleet.

I think I know what you mean - I’ve created a bug for it, thanks.

I think we need to clarify on this screen that those resources at the bottom are related specifically to the equivalent on the other side. e.g. the limbalt icon on the right should have a small ordnance icon overlaid, the same for the 2 population icons, one should have small assault troop icon overlaid.

Has the last update fixed these bugs you were seeing frequently?

Yes, no errors since the update. Will post again if I encounter any, as well as send in the bug report.

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