Lost connection issues when attempting to join the game

Hi everyone,

We’ve heard from a few players that have been having issues connecting to the game. The devs have been investigating and are going to replace one of the code libraries used in the game as soon as they’ve finished testing. The new library should provide improved performance and resolve these issues. Apologies to those of you that have been affected by this.

I’ll update this thread when I know more. If you’ve been unable to play because of ‘Lost connection’ issues please let us know here. Thanks.


Not sure if it’s connected, but I can’t join the game some time after you posted this. Everytime i boot up the client, it tries to ‘verify client version’ eventually ending with a pop-up error saying ‘Lost connection to server : no response from server’.

the server status page tells me the server is online, but the overall outscape pages (server status, forums) seem laggy for some reason.

Edit : nvm, by the time this post finally managed to get uploaded, things are working again. Guess some kind of connectivity hiccup

Tomorrow - probably in the morning - we will be releasing a new patch that will include a new code library that should better manage the connections between the game client and game servers (and hopefully put an end to these issues for players).

Your continued patience in the meantime has been appreciated!

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Unfortunately we had to postpone today’s planned update - the v102 patch - that would have contained the new code library mentioned above.

During the final stages of testing the devs found an issue with it. It’s working as expected now - a setting needed to be adjusted to take into account our server environment - but we had to postpone releasing the patch until Monday.

We’re really sorry about this, and will post the exact time the patch will be released as soon as we can.

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You told us its all good. Early Access is what it is old chap :slight_smile: TY for the heads up. We’ll see how Monday pans out.

Have a good weekend all of you!

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This morning we released the new patch v102: https://outscape.net/release-patch-v102-the-snithereal/ - which should have resolved these connection issues. If you are still unable to connect to the game or are frequently disconnected please let us know.