Long term viability through Technology, Economy, and Limitations


this needs to be brought back to the front of everyone’s mind. Was a lot of good suggestions in this post.


They actually used some of the suggestions in this thread, however technology still needs a bit of an overhaul, and much more added.


Wow what a read!

Then I noticed the date stamp on the original LOL I was worried I had missed a lively debate!

I have to assume the Research is still ramped up for Alpha so stuff can get tested out. As it stands it ludicrously fast still. The obvious fix for that to me (other than adding a heap more techs and as others have said elsewhere fine tuning techs) is just to make the research centre a special one-per-planet building as are so many others.

That suggestion aint gonna win me many friends right now I suspect, but would do the trick and make finding a Barron Arrokken planet a real temping treat (Right now all the ones I have seen or heard about are NOT worth the effort to colonise)


I jusr read through this and believe the topic is just as valid now as it was originally.

My thoughts:

The tech research as is goes quickly, but that is required in Alpha to drive out bugs and balance issues.

Expanding the tech tree would be nice, but could also be a little overwhelming. How about making research more granular, but also less of a confusing choice to make.

The idea would be as follows:

Taking the current tree as an example, each tech level has an effect on multiple factors. For example a climate station takes power, population and impacts landmass. A Kinetic cannon has RoF, Damage per shot, ordnance/power etc.

Research could gradually improve one factor per research ‘tick’, randomly assigned across factors. Ultimately the research time is the same, but each individuals research path can be unique, and possibly guided to suit individual tastes.

Next, we should be able to perform research on multiple branches at once if we choose, with sliders to assign RP to each stream. This allows slower research across multiple streams, or focused research on one thread but with diminishing returns per RP added.

This allows a player to guide research more broadly, but without too much micro-management. It also allows those that like to micro-manage more fine grained control.


Well technically that is what we have right now, each level of research increases the base statistics currently.

However the ability to research multiple things at once, that would be good. We need the ability to keep progress on one thing, while moving to something else.

I am thinking of doing a write up here in a bit, redoing this thread, some what.


Personally, I like the idea of having more of a research point shop. We gain RPs as we do now, but we “buy” tech with RPs. That eliminates the need to queue research.

I also like the idea of repeatable research that improves stats.

There’s another thread on adding some randomization to research, which could also be cool if implemented properly.