Logic behind such low planetary resources?

@joe i’m genuinely curious what the logic is behind the ridiculously low resources available on planets before they are mined dry? If the whole is to have folks fighting war’s then there needs to be something WORTH fighting for. As it is the only real thing driving desire for wars is either real/fictitious personal problem and thus nothing other then a grudge war with no real POINT to it. The other reason being the all mighty score boards.

Thematically there should really be some actual MECHANICAL drive for the war. War’s are fought over land/resources, religion, and personal desires/grudges of the azzhats that don’t have to actually fight said war, but i digress…we need a point, something to actually GAIN in game to make it worth the resource expenditure which tend to be resources themselves or the means to gain more resources.

And if we ever get to the point of, and i think we should, having to recruit/train crew for the ships just like soldiers to fight our ground battles. This would be another consideration to going to war, can you support the troop/crew/ship losses?

Personally i really don’t like that planets can be exhausted at all, in our relativly limited time span, as it just doesn’t make sense. A typical planet can easily be exhausted of resources required to build ships in so little time and frequently you can only get a small number of ships built with the resources aquired. Granted that is not ALWAYS the case, but it is the exception to find a planet with a particularly large deposit of farsu/zyril so PRACTICALLY speaking it is THE CASE. Now i could understand something like the percentage gradually, particularly slowly, and you could get it back up by spending time searching for new locations to mine on the planet. Rather then a building it’d be more like a Project that the planet spends it’s BUILD queue on rather then building structures and after a somewhat lengthy time new mining locations are found to restore some, or all of the planets resource density.


Having too much res can also discourage pvp as whats the point when i have all i need. A way of encouraging pvp is limiting the amount of deep mines that can be on a planet. The current problem is deep mines give unlimited free res for nothing. Theres no point in attacking people when you already have unlimited res. By limiting the planet to maybe 100 deep mining per hour it would encourage people to take more planets, fight for them or raid planets. Because with the corruption yoy wont have enough planets to build a ton of ships every day, which should be the case. The whole point of the increased cost and research time and fleet caps was to make fleets more valuable. Fleets are not at all valuable if you can build 16 battleships every day. The limiting of deep mining will make it where if you want to be able to mass produce ships, you have to attack people for res. Because they have the same res as you, so it would benefit you massively if you raid their planets. Limiting deep mining speed will make players put more thought into their fleets, instead of just full dreadnought battleship fleets. Yeah eventually you will have that, but in the shorter run you will need to defend yourself against anything, and maybe building a few lower tier destroyers will benefit you, depending on if the player next door decides he wants your goodies. And it would benefit you when attacking as well. Right now theres no reason to build anything but max dreadnought battleship fleets, just like it was during a2. It would encourage you to build smaller fleets, because would you wait longer and risk being taken over, or build this now and have a chance of defence? Just my thoughts.


Well i’d prefer there was something else to be going to war over besides just the resources for building our ships. Strategic resources or some ancient artifact with x/y/z effect? While i understand your point regarding FREE resources, it still doesn’t have to be depleted anywhere near as quickly as they are.

Honestly i want to play a 4x kinda game, but i don’t want to be FORCED to constantly migrate my empire because: 1) i can’t just continue taking planets so your constantly uprooting things and/or shuttleing resources all over tin buck two to developed planets to build ships, 2) due to resources depleting so soon you would pretty constantly be moving further and further abroad. I’m really not interested in playing a game that boils down to find planet, strip planet, leave planet, set up shop somewhere else again and again and again and again and again and again and again…

And all that so i can build ships to go attack guy X hoping i don’t lose too many ships to offset the benefit of taking his planet, oh wait that hardly ever works out as it is…If everyone, or at least most folks, are doing the nomadic galaxy chomping locusts that we will all be then the benefit of taking person x’s planet isn’t likely to be all that beneficial and in all likely hood will cost you more resources in the ensuring war/grudge match then your going to be getting back out of the situation. There needs to be some concrete purpose that REALLY has benefit to warrant all that time building ships and running a muck into neighboring empires. And limiting deep mine would only cause this locust problem to get even worse. It’s magic as it is so 100 or what ever amount an hour doesn’t make a difference on the suspension of disbelief.


Got it in One. Logic failing all over the place… I’ve seen this before where the strategy of a game or game system wasn’t “story-boarded” out before pressing ahead.

To attempt a fix :

  • All planets (yes every one) should have some Beron… But only a very few get a deposit of more than 60% Average should be 30-50 range IMOHO

  • Farsu needs to be a tad easier to come by than it is so if a player is without decent res in general then they at least can make cheap un shielded explorer/raiders to go look for it.

  • Limbalt needs to become the rarest res in the galaxy. Right now ts pointlessly common. Making it the rarest would change the meta for Missiles & Guns immediately. They’d still be weapons of choice but would no longer predominate.

  • Add in a “refinery” building that allowed you to make up ultra pure ingots that meant you could ship res more efficiently (and make for tastier targets for piracy)

  • Introduce some kind of random explorer events, EG; rare stella types that yield a tech boost or alien artefacts or missions that garner reward packages perhaps that steered players into competing for the same real estate…

Right now if you have great start location you can sit there an play space farmville with no reason to venture out of your sand box…


yeah in A3 i could in fact do that. I am however beginning to migrate towards friends and at least one is involved in a war so might be able to help with what ever time i have available.

will be less time for gaming with kids being off school here next few days :frowning:

I think resources should be more available, and have much larger surface deposits. I also think deepmines should be more productive, but only constructable once surface deposits are depleted so no BONUS resources while still mining surface deposits. While i think resources should be available on more planets i think they should be less scarce and the typical deposits should be around the 50-60 density range and anything above that should be progressivly rare. I mean to say HIGH concentration resource planets should be much more rare and thus potential reasons for war, among other potential additional tidbits to entice folks. Much more rare as compared to current state of things in case anyone is wondering.

I don’t want to be FORCED to be a space gysie, but constantly on the lookout for those “PERFECT” worlds and looking over someone elses fence in case they have one. Just my thoughts on the matter though.

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