Lightning gun mechanics?

So how do these determine what they hit? I generally here people refer to a enemies front line, but how is that defined exactly? Is it just what ever that particular ship has line of sight too so technically if you leave an opening it could it back line ships too?

was also curious if anyone know about armor bane weapons and how they interact with shields. If they hit a shield do they just do nothing? their damage is percentage based but its supposed to be against armor.

The name “Lightning gun” is missleading as they act like “Lightning Bomb Launchers”:

Armorbane deal their % damage in pure HP damage to shields, e.g. Power Beam BT-ABA-II 10% Armor Bane -> 10hp damage per shot or 10% damage to armor if there are no shields left on the enemy ship.

Fighters are a fire and forget weapon, they start after 30 sec and will deal their kinetic damage even if their carrier vessel is destroyed, however they will NOT RETURN to the carrier even if the carrier is still on the field and therefor will only attack one enemy vessel per battle.

Missiles dont need a line of sight to the target.