Leaderboards just got a update


If you take a look at it, Civilisation is now presented as well as a change to the layout, I’ll be using this information tomorrow to create some great graphs and charts for the community.



Aye, and some people that were there are actually missing now. Soo… yea, they just got worse?


Raptor check the leaderboards again. I tried checking myself and i couldn’t find myself for a second. My name in game is all lowercase when i typed myself in the leaderboards autocorrect was capitalizing the D in my name and i was not found, i put my name in as all lowercase and then it found me and took me to the page i was on for each category. The leaderboard search needs your name exactly as it is in game or it won’t find you.


I’m looking at the leaderboards in-game. I’m not there. There was also a player named Raptor13fox. They’re now missing.