Leaderboards do not find the URL

When trying to load the leaderboards, the URL can’t be found. Please fix it.

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The url seems to have been changed, if you use the button IG you will see some weird url with prod and v2 in it. But it seems to not update as I havent seen any score change for about 24 hours.

Ya, there are several link issues going on now with IDA… had to do password reset earlier to reply to posts here and it kept giving me 404 page- found workaround to get password changed finally. Tried leaderboard url’s from google search and just nothing- not to mention I can log into game but cant issue commands of any sort… sumpin bwoke badwy with latest patch me thinks? or a bigger problem brewing possibly with server-client traffic. WHO KNOWS? lol. Good luck to you on this…

I’ve asked the devs to look into why the previous url isn’t working (https://leaderboards.outscape.net/) but in the meantime they can be accessed here: https://leaderboards.prod.v2.outscape.net.

This is one of the issues that should have been fixed recently.

I’ve also asked the devs to look into this. The problem is related to the subdomains being used e.g. https://web.prod.v2.outscape.net instead of https://playerportal.prod.v2.outscape.net - but ideally the old domain should be used instead: https://accounts.outscape.net/.


@joe I would just like to say that you guys are highly responsive to issues in the forum and are quick to turn around fixes (kudos devs)- I for one GREATLY appreciate you all for that! It’s an easy thing to just not communicate (especially for the size of your team), most other developing studios never seem to learn this; however, you folks are doing it as if it comes natural :slight_smile: Thank you.

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