Leaderboard for Galactic Conquerer is Incorrect

According to the wiki, a player receives 50 points for every planet colonized. I have a total of 6, 5 of which I colonized latest one early this morning, so my score should be 250, it’s only 200. Something is wrong somewhere or it’s not updating frequently enough.

You start at 0 with your homeworld, so only additional planets colonized count.

yes I know. I have 6 planets, so I colonized 5. 5 x 50 is 250, not 200

I’ll speak to one of the devs and get back to you on this one. Thanks for reporting it.

You’re welcome. It’s correct now, possibly fixed during the update or possibly the frequency of the update to the leaderboard. I’m soon to colonize another planet, I’ll check immediately after and see if it has increased properly. If not I’ll update this post, then check it again a few hours later.

UPDATE: I just colonized a planet, I immediately checked the leaderboard afterwards, the results are 100% correct. No delay in the update. Thanks for getting this fixed!

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