LDA: Quick to kick you from Discord for teasing someone's guild tags, BUT

Are you done yet? :roll_eyes:

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Sounds like someone has a case of the Mon… Tuesdays.

Look Dak

This sort of forum spam will not get you anywhere

We know Joe reads everything on the forum
But you need to be patient, he’s only human after all, he can read everything on the forum the day it comes on, and do what else he has to do during his work

So tagging him in every single message you write isn’t helpful either, and it will not make any difference

And when you don’t construct your post well enough, and write it well, it’ll make it hard for anyone to give a response

A pro tip
Pointing at problems and expecting others to fix it for you, will not take you very far
However saying there is a problem, and I propose this solution
And backing it up with facts, a general idea on how it’ll work, it’s benefits the drawbacks
That will make it easier for everyone to solve it

It doesn’t mean that they will do your solution word for word, but perhaps something similar
Perhaps your idea will inspire someone else to comment a better idea and the devs can take from both and make it happen…

Anyways, forgive my bluntness, but you’re not the first to throw tantrums on forums, and judging by how it went for the others before you, they never helped anyone by doing what they did
Don’t take their path


Spank him Lady_Aura !!

The game lost 75% of its playerbase in 6months, so clearly there is something very wrong with the current path and lots of problems have been pointed out by the community, however the devs seem to be trying to fix and balance the probably never going to work minefield mechanic instead of focusing on mechanics that will actually help this game grow, which are casual player accessibility and protection aswell as hardcore player endgame content. In the last 9 months the progress in those fields have been 0 to none, while some simple balance changes could help immensly, the amount of changes we got can be counted with one hand.


So seriously what was changed balance wise in the last 6 months? sabre fleet cap, depositors, goverment building, LT guns, dread slots. Thats about it, however the number of changes to minefields far exceed that list… those whole damn minefields dont protect the casual players and have eaten so much development time, its madness. And even worse, one of the best parts, actual fleet to fleet combat is being negated by minefields, its very rare to have true fleet to fleet combat.

Its saddening to see that a game that has so much potential is being wasted like that. The “new” Awaken the Dark server was clearly not playtested by the devs, and even if they did, it was a poor job. This whole new spawn system in order to prevent players from flying outwards in order to setup colonies and have new players spawn next to them just increased the problematic as new players spawn within 30ly of players who have been playing this game for more than a week. Which kinda means scouts vs dreads, not fun for new players… setting the construction time for battleships and dreadnoughts to the exact same as T2 destroyers was… “a minor oversight”. so basicly there was 0 thought to how to make the fast server a good experience. they just increased most values x10 and whatever, its fast now… enjoy… or not… still to this day its madness that ODS take just 1min to build… however even with those crazy values, people enjoy the game, cause OUTSCAPE IS DAMN GOOD 4X at the CORE! still its being wasted. increasing credit income x10 and also increasing growth by 10x simply isnt a 10x increase to credits, its more like 100x, but whatever its 10x server so enjoy… or whatever… so basicly there was no endgame before, and now there is even less reason for war.

so on the new Awaken the Dark server i spawned within 60ly of Yamota that had 100k points on the leaderboard, Yamota didnt even have to fly outwards cause the new spawn system is simply f*****.

The problem is changing stuff, while they have to focus on improving content. Changing the spawn system did NOTHING GOOD. so instead of some cool vast galaxy we have a 30x30 grid, with systems so close to each other that the labels overlap, new players are going to spawn next to way older empires, the new science system doesnt tell anyone how long its actually going to take to get enough research points for a new tech… “people were shocked by the long research times so we changed them all to 5min research…” yeah so now ni one knows how long its exactly taking to get a certain tech and meanwhile nerfing akkoroken into nothingness, the balance, its hurting seriously its so bad it hurts…

Its so insane to see a small game that is getting so much input by players being simply driven against a wall. I dont think that i have seen any suggestion from the forums being actually implemented in the game in over 9 months. Worse, instead of easy changes some crazy complicated stuff was used. e.g. instead if a flat starting credit income of +1000 or whatever they introduced a goverment building that is clearly broken and ruined the whole credit economy, while still not fixing the problem of early game credit shortage. Oh yeah and they made changes to corruption, so corruption kicking in earlier, which didnt make the game any more enjoyable.


Yeah, I dont understand why they are working on obscure mechanics such as mine-fields when there are far important things to address. Such as what you said, newbie/casual protection and endgame content.

But also reducing the amount of micromanagement is also important. I am spending way, way too much time doing stupid micromanagment that could have been reduced by a lot if they introduced things like action queuing and group selection.

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The new galaxy cannot be compared to the others, it is a much different game for different players who complained that they spent too long waiting to do something. That the game was slow. Many players, myself included, will not play in the speed galaxy.

There are only so many hours in a day, how long do you want them to test things? How long do you want them to code new things? How long do you want them to spend fixing bugs? The devs take time to read everything on the forums, including dak’s spam, and then sit down to talk about it. The more we type, the longer that takes. Remember, its a small team.

Uhhh… How did you not see that coming? Nearly the same thing happens on the main server except that it takes longer for the new (or respawned) players to slow down to a trickle that one player can accomplish this in time for another player to join. The window a new player must spawn into to find themselves in this situation is now 10 times shorter… But at least new players joining do not spawn inside someone else’s system… I imagine attempting to use scouts to fend off someone’s dread was a fun task…

They have actually taken several from the community. I think every change and additional except for spawning solars with players has been voiced on the forums…

because that’s where the loudest voices are… :unamused:
It is irritating that a more complete fix isnt in yet, and that there are so many bugs with the current system, but I expect a good number of players to be happy or at least content with the end result.

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yeah your fanboy stuff is great

Excuses, excuses. Suddenly everyone is OK with pepe’s exploiting again just because I’m not being mr nice guy? Hahaha

This is why the problem has never been solved.

Man up, community!

Outscape is like chess, we have people who have previously played 1-2 matches in their life competing against grand masters; the noobs are annoyed by the massive power discrepancies while the grand masters are getting bored by playing against noobs. and all that could be fixed easily yet… lets focus on mines please!

basicly Outscape started as a 4X game (singleplayer) being brought to a persistent universe… which is cool… but its a singleplayer game in a persistent universe and the devs clearly have 0 experience with balancing a multiplayer game like MOST other 4x developer. In any other 4X game, balance is made by simply adjusting the difficulty of the ai, no one cares about certain species being too strong or perks not balanced because… ai sucks anyway so adjust difficulty and players like to dominate the galaxy anyway so no problems with players destroying the ai, BUT in a persistant universe with just human players, BALANCE is needed and there is clearly 0 balance, construction costs, times, weapon stats and so on, its all just a singleplayer game. The stuff thats actually a mp mechanic can be counted with just one hand. And out of those very few mechanics most are not even being used by most players. -> lower defenses (clearly broken balance wise, even fluff wise, why would my citizens willingly join an empire thats going to eat them???), fleet combat is limited to just a VERY limited amount of players (removing npc pirate kills from the master of warfare board will clearly show that most players simply never attack any other player), trading ships, most people dont even know that its possible or have never done it… so thats it?

Uhhh, no. I dont think anyone is ok with it and why would you “not being mr nice guy” change anything? Are you high? I mean I gave no excuses, so Idk what your going on about… You might as well have just thrown in some random song lyrics and said this is why I’m smarter than “LDA”…

Minefields were “it” for a while so that’s understandable. But that has mostly gone away with recent patches (thank god…). Now we are on to the more important problems and the developers are missing in inaction.

Then stop crying about mines and start making decent suggestions towards your desired outcomes.

If you actually read some of his posts and cast aside your blind rage in defense of the developers, you will find a lot of great suggestions.

re-read my posts, a couple times i boarder line threw them under the bus, but you wouldnt notice that considering the 7 post tantrum (at least 7 of your posts today contributed nothing to the forums, so i say 7) your throwing in a vain attempt to get a response while trying to cast the devs in a bad light all the while your only making yourself out to be worse.


If i were a light player:

I need following things:

  1. more automations (my empire should work well during I’m offline)
  2. guard fleets (my empire shouldn’t be ruined easily by strong players)
  3. non-PvP contents (I can interact with other players in my favorite degree)

in details:

(1) more automation

  • path plannning for:

    • auto transfer
    • auto exploration
    • auto patrol
  • auto guarding

    • I can move guard fleets according to my path plan
      or can move them according to one of built-in policies like following

      - any (non-NAPed) fleets
      - fleets owned by a specified user
      - fleets owned by a specified alliance
      - specify the N of LY from the system
      opponent strength
      - flagship revel is greater than N
      - the fleets I specified

  • making blurprints / take them into practice

    • fleet building
    • planet infrastructures building
  • sharing path plans or blueprints with other players

(2) guard fleets

  • according to the number of planets I own (or the number of systems in which my colony exists), guard fleets are provided for free
    more many planets I own, the guard fleet caps decrease
  • I can move the fleets without concerning fleet caps for pilotting
    (related to above No.1)
  • when destroyed, I can respawn it when next online
    (or auto respawn. but auto respawn would be comprecated to design)

This feature couldn’t reflect the intended view of the Outscape world. So maybe need some back story that the existence of neutral police/guard makes natural

(3) non-PvP contents

  • treasure hanting (including PvE combat)

  • anomalies / relics

    ex) unique techs only allowed to be unlocked by the treasures

new easy to implement stat for weapons that reduce damage based on size, small ships = low damage from L weapons

how to balance offensive minefields in early game

Fast Early Game: (implemented with the Awaken the Dark server (“lol”))

Bomb Shelters vs orbital bombardment wreck train:

Invasion balance:

overall 4X game design stuff:

content content centent:


those are just some topics, cant be bothered to dig through all the comments.

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Well said Chiral.

indeed i stand corrected. I remember liking some of those posts too, sadly many of the best solutions receive the little attention by the community, hopefully though, the devs remember them, and if they dont, a link/quote is always useful.

Ha-ha-ha. Just deal with it. You guys didn’t saw what they changed between alpha 2 and alpha 3. These minefields shit is a flowers before that.