Large Energy Non AOE Weapon

We have a direct damage and aoe versions of torpedos, but the lightning guns are only aoe. We sacrifice single ship dps for dps to alot of ships at the same time. I think energy weapons should have a direct dps equal.

The Large Plasma Recycle Turret LPRT will be the beam turret equal with large weapon slots. This will have a beam animation, but thicker and brighter. This weapon will actually deal dps, damage per second, but no damage per shot. The weapon will have a charge time, maybe 3 seconds, and the beam will continuously fire at a target until it is destroyed. So, say the weapon has 25 dps, as long as this weapon is firing on a ship, that ship will be taking the said 25 damage every second, until it is destroyed. I say 25 dps because the level 5 torpedo launcher has around 22 dps. It will take 300 mw of power like lightning guns. When a ship is finally destroyed by the weapon it will then need to cooldown. This cooldown is dependent on how long it takes to destroy a ship, for every second it is firing on a ship, it will need to cooldown for 0.5 seconds. So, a syntis battleship with four of these, 100 dps, it will destroy a syntis dreadnought in 72 seconds, and then need to cooldown for 36 seconds. This downside means that using more of them your weapons will suffer less cooldown. Now you have 5 battleships, 500 dps, it will destroy the dreadnought in 14 seconds, and will cooldown for 7 seconds.

Id like it to be noted @joe that the lightning gun nerf was terrible. Now the energy version of large weapons deal less damage than the kinetic version, that breaks the whole rule of energy does more damage, but are blocked by shields.


Lightning guns deal 4.57dps per target, which is atleast 5x 4.57dps in a fleet fight, depending on enemy fleet setup this can go MUCH higher, especially if the enemy is using smaller ships in a line (snithereals or basicly any T1 or T2 ships). HOWEVER they ONLY deal damage to the first row compared to e.g. Torpedo Launcher SML-B that deal 5.4 dps to 1,700m area which basicly boils down to 5-7 targets hit -> 5.4dps x 7.

I agree with you that there should be another L type energy weapon, however i think its in the interest of the game that we see more variation of possible fleet setups. So it will be best that the true DAMAGE comes from M size or even S size weapons and therefor smaller ships like T2 and that T3 ships offer some unique stuff like high hp or something else unique like splash damage or lightning guns. Right now we see a massive spam of Battleships and Cruisers and all other shipclasses have basicly no value in combat.