Labor Shortage calculation wrong

The current way the game calculates labor shortage is not actually the labor shortage. It’s a number that means something completely different. I’m not sure if it’s just a bug in the visual number shown to the player or if it uses that same value to determine when to start punishing you for having too few workers since I did not actually push my colony past the value the game said was too much.

Currently the game calculates the percentage by dividing the amount you’re missing against the total population of the planet. That doesn’t represent the percentage of labor you’re missing, though. It represents how much your population needs to grow to fill the labor shortage. To get the labor shortage you need to divide against the total number of jobs needing to be filled.

To give an example, let’s say you have a population of 100,000 and need to fill 200,000 jobs. This should show a labor shortage of 50%. You’re unable to fill exactly half of the jobs you have. The game will show this as a 100% labor shortage though.

In this scenario your population needs to grow by 100% in order to fill all the available jobs. That is not the same thing as the percentage of jobs you’re unable to fill.

If this is how you want that number to work within the game then please change the naming and descriptions so that it’s clear to players what this actually is. As it is now it’s misleading players to think it means something completely different than what it actually does.

If you actually want it to be the labor shortage then please fix the number you’re dividing against so it gets the correct result.

I see what you mean, I’ll find out what the original intention was. Thanks for bringing this up.