Just a reminder you still cant abandon planets on the speed server

Due to how fast pop changes and checks requiring an exact amount of people, which changes every second, you cant abandon planets.

(ok sure if you can get pop growth to 0 you can, but its a pain todo)

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It’s rough ya. Best to get pop growth to stop by bringing enough extra pop to max the base planet pop out or kill farms to get zero growth then remove.

ya, I am just tired of seeing people get frustrated because they don’t understand why it wont let them

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Should be a button you can click. “Abandon planet”. If you have a transport in orbit, all pop goes to transport, if not the pop just gets orphaned. Takes 24 hrs to orphan a planet and it doesnt get orphaned during an invasion.

Nope. It’s not hard to abandon a planet on the AtD server. Dismantle farms takes 1 min, bring a ship with personnel modules on it, pull the static population remaining. Done deal. See the other post on this issue for more details.

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A more balanced way might be to add a planet option to disable pop growth, that at least makes it a bit easier.

Recycle some farms, so your pop hits some limit… And then pull them out

Right, but wouldn’t it be more user friendly to have a button for it, so players don’t need to do this dance around? :neutral_face: I mean, how would anyone exploit it?

Just make it so players must have one or more fleets around the planet that can carry the population. Then the button becomes available and you can put everyone on the transport with a single click.

See the other post on this, I explain why there.

For this part - that would possibly work on the main galaxy, but not in AtD where the population grows so quickly.

Its very easy to abandon worlds unless your unable to get a transport there. I distinctly remember a player being harassed and entirely unable to abandon the planet even though it was bombed and rioted into absolute uselessness. Before I read about it, I thought about doing very similar things if we were able to target specific structures. Remember pepe’s 4B world? I dont even have a vague recollection on the pop number but all you’d have to do is remove his ECs (and then PS for good measure) and then watch his world tear itself apart. The planet becomes an anchor (not even a liability) instead of an asset. In any event, I think we have already spent more effort on this conversation than its really worth given the lack of exploiting the inability to abandon planets or the relatively increased exploitive possibility that can come from an abandon world feature and the available work arounds.

This has little to do with anything like pepe’s overpopulation planet.

Growth rates on atd is very fast making it impossible to remove all population if growth is positive or negative. It’s only easy at cap and has zero movement for population numbers.

It was just an example, nothing more.

No offense, but I didn’t understand the post. I’m not certain if you are for or against immediate abandonment by some sort of button, leaving structures and population in tact (the other post). I’m against that. I accepted the alternative at 72 hours, but not with structures and population remaining. I gave my justification for that on the other post. If you are for the immediate abandonment leaving structures and population in tact, then we’ll have to agree to disagree.

I am fully against immediate abandonment unless you have ships in orbit. One click and the entire pop should be placed on the ships in the blink of an eye.

Beyond that, I would prefer scorched earth policies to be a tech, not a player action. Mankind and syntis would not imo have this tech.

Other than that, I feel after clicking the button, the planet should persist as it is for a period of time, but be instantly lost to the player, corruption and all, unless the planet is being invaded. If its being invaded or gets invaded (not sure about being colonized) during the process, it doesn’t do anything.

After that, imo, its just the population that remains with some extra res for the destroyed buildings.

Def would be great to have a button for it

A button that stops pop growth and sends all pop onto a pop ship that’s sitting in orbit

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In the next patch we’ll address the issue of not being able to transfer all colonists/troops off a colony due to the fast growth rate.

We’re going to make the following change: if transferring colonists/troops from a colony to a fleet leaves less than 50 colonists on the planet, open a confirmation dialog:

The previous personnel transfer to your fleet left few citizens on the colony. Do you wish to remove the last of them and abandon the colony?
Yes | No

For example: there are 50,000 colonists on a colony. From the transfer screen you attempt to transfer all 50,000 to a fleet. Following the transfer there are a few colonists that have appeared. You will immediately get the prompt described above. If you click “Yes” the last colonists will be transferred to the fleet and the colony will be abandoned (even if more colonists appear in the time it takes you to click any buttons).

We are open to adding an “Abandon Colony” button in a future patch but can’t look at it just yet.