It feels lonely out there

Anybody willing to come say hello?


Yeah I’ll meet you there in a few hours. Who else?

Might take a little longer I see “Mine Wars” has started in Pre Beta (Sigh!)

I can’t believe no one saw the HUGE, absurd, mad joke I made in the first post.

Look at the picture closely, and that’s not about the thing circled in red, it’s about punishing curiosity/spying :smile:

omg 1000 reseach points… i m so far behind


omg 1000 reseach points… i m so far behind

THAT was the joke : I edited the screenshot for that :wink:

(Unrelated : what’s the /quote syntax here?)

omg such photo shop! (Or is it streamer mode scrambling thing I wonder) if he had ever had the 1 Million creds to buy that many he’d be at the top of the Econ leader board as well old chap. :smiley: Relax, I’ll be surprised if anyone had 100 research yet. (though some will by the end of this week I am sure)

You can highlight someone’s comment, and a pair of quotes pop up… that will do it for you.

But it’s [quote] post number, topic number, and then [/quote].

If he have 1000 RP and still top 2 than obviously I have 1500, right?

What? I know you’re using a translator, but … what?