Is Play With Friends Working

Yes, it’s been a wild ride full of exploits since the Play with Friends patch dropped almost a month ago. It seems like most of the discussion has been around those exploits. This is NOT a post for continuing those discussions.

I’m just curious. Is Play With Friends working when used in the way the developers intended? You set up a planet for your friend, give them the code, and they spawn in on the planet and start their journey into the game. Are they having a good experience? Or is it a bad experience because they have limited space to expand and are massively out teched by everyone around them?

I think I saw a post from @Puma that he had recently used the code, but I don’t recall any other examples of it actually being used as intended.

“If you or a friend or family member have ever used the friend code as intended you may be entitled to…” leave your feedback here!

  1. If players spawn into a “safe” area that their friends controlled and if they want to play SimCity, then sure, good experience.

  2. As above, but if they wanted combat, not so much.

  3. If players spawn into a “contested” area, as you wrote, except I’ll add if you have a load of mined-out planets around you as a beginning player, you get these large dead spaces and fuel becomes quite an issue. You can have 24 hour travel times with no fuel but it’s not great, can mine fuel but you need infrastructure &c, it’s just very different. Anyways as you wrote, can’t expand well, out-teched, it’s quite bad.

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The spawn code does work to allow you to join near friends. HOWEVER, given the already crowded conditions of placing players too close to one another, if I had not been spawned in an inactive player’s system, with the systems he’d already explored available to me, there would be little for me to explore and expand in without overly encroaching on my “friends” need for space to expand as well.

This is a REALLY BAD way of having friends play near one another. Let’s say for example Player 1 joins the game. His friends want to wait for him to figure out how to play and see if they all want to play a month later. By that time the space around Player 1 will have likely become occupied by other players, limiting the expansion capability for Player 1’s friends.

This is without considering the current potential for exploits.

I’m very much limited in where I can expand, being forced to take smaller planets than I’d like to take, not able to take advantage of natives that might be out there just out of reach (without encroaching on friends), etc.

The upside is I do have friends nearby that are helping me get started quicker than I might alone. They are helping me to take planets that are outside of my temp tolerance and bringing them up to my temp so I can colonize and expand and grow quicker than I would if I were alone. They’re also able to drop me resources that would take me longer to generate on my own. So the teamwork aspect is working out well.

So over all there are upsides and downsides. I just don’t care for the spawn codes as a way to have friends work together. I’m only One player who’s with friends who are already established and the carved out space for me. One player, inviting several friends after having joined won’t have that same luxury.


I think this system is going to see a lot more use come the next server.

As for the people concerned with the lack of resources and planets when spawning close to each other, remember that your home world does not have to be at the center of your empire.

I also think that this feature is best used in the beginning of a game, waiting too long will be detrimental to both player’s enjoyment.

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The code is working OK. My friend gave me a code and I spawned onto the planet he chose for me. Unfortunately he did not choose this planet wisely. There is only one direction for me to expand into and he now has to try to leapfrog me to find new systems for his expansion. {We may end up at war over territory}… Lol

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That’s actually a big problem. That’s the scenario this is really intended to solve. Players starting together at the beginning can already get close together by joining at the same time. It’s when players are starting at different times that the friend code is really needed, and it sounds like that is when it becomes less useful.

Thanks for the feedback @LaZoon!

Errr, what?

The point is to be able to ensure that you are close to your friend right? If your friend joins a month later then they will be severely lacking in tech.

I certainly hope that the devs don’t ‘boost’ or make it easier for friends to get going, if you join late then you suffer the consequences of strong neighbours.

If you want a fair challange then join your friend early or start on your own.

Edit: Spawning at the same time has a 1/4 chance of not spawning you close together, friend codes fix this.

Ahhh, I was under the impression that starting at the same time as someone was more like a 75% chance to be close to them.

yes, 75% chance to be close or 1/4 to not spawn close. I think you may have misread.

Please note that if you hit that 25% chance to not spawn near your friend then you may end up in the other end of the galaxy.