Is Outscape dead?

@joe What is the plan for the future? The current servers are obviously dead yet people are eager to join a new sever. The active playerbase is getting lower and lower every day and the activity here on the forum is also getting seriously low aswell. The last thing we heard about a new server was “maybe end of the month” and that was early august. So whats the plan for the future? The idea of a weekly Galactic News sounds good on paper, however instead of that passive one way communication via announcements we need a more active dialogue of what to expect from Outscape in the future. All we know is that you guys are working on automated guard fleets and steam achievements. Two terrible ideas as it will not help the game in any way but whatever.
Iam getting sidetracked again, just give us a clear statement when there will be a new Main 3 server.

If money is a problem go try a monthly subscription method or per server subscription.


really not sure how many regular users there are currently, but without a major overhaul i dont see to many coming back. Real sad because the game had potential. but under the current game mechanics if you take a leave of absence for a few days, chances are you can loose every thing, so means people will just not put the effort in. I still believe it needs a core protection. A given number of systems that cant be conquered by other players , and an element of systems that can be captured or at the very least raided for resi. Then if you go away for a week your game is still there. but it never happend it was always kill all, and i still believe that it killed almost all of the player base. Dam shame


End of Main1 was already too long, however Main2 brought a lot of people back in while the Awaken the Dark server failed to do the same. Currently we are down to 30 active players. Launch of Main 2 had 180.

In my oppinion the biggest problems are the immense power discrepancies between players, no true safe haven to protect assets, and no tactial variations in mid and late game play. However all those problems can easily be fixed. Instead we get automated guard fleets that will not help with any of the above and… steam achievements… again getting sidetracked.

Any information about a new server launch?

M1, M2, and Awaken can’t be compared so easily as each is nearly its own game conceptually, one was F2P, 2 had a one time buy in, and 1 was super fast. It does bother me that there are 30 active players, but both galaxies have basically died and we are just waiting for the next launch. It is the m3 and Awaken2 galaxies that will help shed light on the future, but the problem with going to a subscription, imo, is that it may push more players away from an unpolished game, a game that is already suffering from lack of activity. Such a move maybe unrecoverable.

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That is always a problem, Outscape is obviously a business thus needs to make money. The market is saturated with pay to win and monthly subscription games… As has been suggested before private servers (your own verse to play with invited friends) might be a possible way of increasing revenue, and wont effect those that have already purchased the game. but i think the problems are far greater than income, i think the problem is the direction of the game…

The start is fine, doing the research etc etc, but we know there is an inbalance of weapons, get hellfire job done, go kill the neighbour (to big a tech jump). Also once you are establish there is little to do, it needs some Player verses AI action. not just talking a few pirates but pirates with a some direction. Battles IMO need a lot of work, nice graphics but far to simple. A combat round needs to take 1 minute not 1 second, battle needs to be live updates and the ability to retreat and run away from battle needs to be there. A battle should not be 1 v 1 but many V many. Meaning you can have big battles that will last , which leads into the AI. Some filthy great pirate fleet turns up to much to handle on your own, but with help of the neighbours you can give it a good beating or die trying or retreat from the battle and come back again. The resi drop from the dead fleet should be a massive resi bundle, which you can share with the neighbours, or kill your neighbours and keep for yourself. In fact dead pirate fleets should be the major income of resi, with planets supplying small amounts of fleet building material only. Inactive players come back and find because they built no fleets they have a reasonable amount of resi from planets (enough to build a sizable fleet) but active players will have lost fleets and killed fleets and mined the resi…This at least gives something to do mid game, either coperatively or solo and then defend your hard won bounty. Loads more changes could be made but i believe this would be a major start

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I disagree about a number of your suggestions but your assertions are right. Its difficult to design a game where you can gather all your forces into a death ball while also making such a thing undesireable.

My point on allow what i would call is a stack battle, is that i catch you with your pants down, decide to give you a hit with a large fleet. You then get on and message allies to come to your aid, of which they do (no having played the faster verse cant comment on fleet speed), no in 2 days time but in a reasonable time whilst battle is still on (hence why 1 minute per combat round), i do the same call in allies, next thing you know there is a massive brawl going on. The loosing side decides its time to run, and the winning side attempts to catch them running. End result is a good battle a lot of fun, and resi to boot from the wreckage. If it was similar to that in terms of battle the server could go from a few playing to messages flying and all of a sudden there is loads of people active just to get into a good fight…
But yes you then have the issue of 20 v 1 and serious bullying, that just means you have to have a way of keeping fleets safe whilst offline, thought a dock did that, so thats kind of issue partly solved

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Something similar to this maybe? :pleading_face: Idea: Instanced starting areas with PvE and PvP galaxies

Also, I think, fleet control, intel mechanics and how battles happen are hurting the game.

My solution:

Limit fleet movement

Fleets should not be able to move to open space. They should have a target that could only be a system or anomaly for PvP/PvE events. (I can provide more detail if anyone interested.)

Fleets could be stationed in two positions: system, one of the planet orbits

Intel changes

A fleet has the system in its sensor range:

  • System: fleets are visible.
  • Planet orbit: fleets are not visible.
  • Planetary intel: Size, Climate, Land

A fleet is inside the system:

  • System: fleets are visible.
  • Planet orbit: fleets are visible.
  • Planetary intel: Owner, Civilizations, Resources, Size, Climate, Land

A fleet is inside planet orbit:

  • System: fleets are visible.
  • Planet orbit: fleets are visible.
  • Planetary intel: Every detail.

Fleet engagements, battles

Fleets would have different stances: Passive, Defensive, Aggressive

A new war declaration treaty would be needed for this system to work. Any ship that belongs to an empire that you are at war with would be considered hostile.

Passive stance - Fleets would not participate in battles unless attacked.

Defensive stance - Fleets would fight against fleets that are considered as threats.
Targeting priority:

  1. Aggressive fleets - hostile, neutral
  2. Defensive fleets - hostile
  3. Passive fleets - hostile

Aggressive stance - Fleets would attack every non allied fleet
Targeting priority:

  1. Aggressive - hostile, neutral
  2. Defensive - hostile, neutral
  3. Passive - hostile, neutral

There would be a few other rules in place to make sure everything happens according to the game rules.

If there are multiple ships attacking and they have only a single fleet in their shared priority group, the second fleet waits until the first fleet’s battle concluded.

An example:
Player X - 2 Aggressive hostile fleets (XA1, XA2) enter player B’s system.
Player Y - has 1 Defensive and 2 Passive fleets. (YD1, YP1, YP2)

XA1 fights YD1. XA2, YP1, YP2 waits until the battles ends.

If XA1 is destroyed: XA2 fights YD1 (damaged).
If YD1 is destroyed: XA1 (damaged) fights YP1 and XA2 fights YP2

Fleets stationed at system level would attack fleets both at system and orbit level.
Fleets stationed at orbit level would only attack fleets at orbit level.

This provide rules where a single defensive battleship fleet cannot be cheesed and bypassed a dozen scout fleets to destroy unarmed ships in the system protected by the battleships.

Also, heavily fortified systems would need to be taken in space before you could bomb planets to oblivion. No more ninja bombing while your opponent is sleeping!

I don’t say that this idea is the best system, but I think, something like this would be much better than what we have now.

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You should never be able to bomb a planet out of existence, i have used it and abused it and made people quit because of it. Worst part of the game IMO


we all had those conversations and the solution to almost any problem in 4X games is somewhere here in this forum, still we need to focus on what Outscape offers currently and how to make easy and simple changes that can enhance the core gameplay, which is superb imho. However all our conversations are irrelevant if we can not play get a new server to play this game again. So lets make a list of what everyone needs on the new server, no big fancy changes, small changes that are easy to code, without new or lot of graphic assets. Lets keep this thread focused on the current state of Outscape and how to improve it fast for a new server. Cause seriously, guard fleets will not help anyone.

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I think guardian fleets is a great idea. It is both the first step for offline protection and a way to establish borders by allowing you to project force even while offline. I am greatly looking forward for it.

The first iterations will obviously be exploitable but that is why the game is in Early Access.

Offline protection is very important and I think it is good that the devs are focusing on it.

I agree. Colonies should be like resources that can be fought over and traded back and forth in a war. Total genocide and apocalypse should not be possible. A persistant game should not allow for something that takes days/weeks to build to be destroyed in hours, or at all.

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I Agree. Or, it should take nearly as long as it took to build up the planet.

Remove minefields. Should be pretty easy to do. :sweat_smile:

Right, my strict fleet movement and engagement idea would require no such thing as active guard fleets that try to intercept other fleets that can change direction every second.

Strict battle order inside systems should be much simpler than creating a guard fleet AI that smart enough to effectively intercept fleets controlled by players.

I also think, fleets controlled by AI would be more resource intensive (for the servers) than my idea.

Edit: And the whole movement system too. My system would not require the game to track exact locations by coordinates for the fleets. So, it should be lighter on the servers, right?

it will require a whole redesign of the current system when its taking them ages to implement basic balance stuff, so no not going to happen.

I think this is the ultimate answer, we all get to complicated i am afraid including the devs. It needs simple details that are quick and easy to code. To make changes that will get people back playing and stay playing

The first issue I have here is somewhat small. There is no logical reason why if my friend could join me in battle, why can’t i join me in battle? If I can join my own fleets in battle then I just keep all mt fleets stacked and, death ball, effectively ruining the balances we already have.

I do not understand what you mean by “round” but battles would have to last days for large defensive build ups to counter a massive (say 5+ players) and I don’t think I want battles to take that long.

Or do you mean fleet battles would be broken up into rounds a little like a boxing match.

I beg to differ. Autolaunch features from fleet docks and defensive functions as well as automated features will help greatly. However, if you meant what we need in this next galaxy, I say launch a new one everytime the old one gets stale. Keep players playing… Keep people intrested.

Hes right.

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We need a reason to fight. Res in this game is simply too easy to get, just spam deep mines on all your planets and you will be making multiple fleets every day and you probably dont even hit your planet cap.

I understand that rae said we should keep the ideas simple, but I feel that even if the devs implement the simple needs, it wont be enough to bring back the hundreds of players we used to have back. Outscape needs some cool new features/content.

Super weapons. Tech that only a certain few people can get. You ever play a online game and you have everyone talking in chat about this god tier weapon or item? Having people so interested in these sort of weapons would give players a reason to fight.

Basically, these super weapons would cost research points. I am gonna use the new model for research, where you accumulate points over time instead of queuing tech. In the ATD server, these weapons would cost millions of points. Now, capturing a planet will give you a set amount of points, plus the amount of points that planet has generated over its entire life. So, you see an enemy planet with a science power of 600, 10 labs. The enemy player has owned that planet for one week. Once you capture that planet, you will gain 100,800 research points.

Retractable weapons. These would be super weapons which you can activate at will. They can be fitted to dreadnoughts only. You can only have one active at one time. These would be faction specific. If the fleet carrying these weapons is destroyed, you will have to research the tech again.
Mankind Anti Matter Bomb - A weapon which is activated on request, any fleets engaging this fleet will be attacked by the bomb. It has an AOE of 5km, and a damage per round of 10000. Once the bomb is used, it has a cooldown of 3 days.
The Peoples Realm Black Hole Bomb - A weapon which you can activate on request. It creates a black hole, with a dyson sphere of mirrors around it. You shoot a beam into the structure and close it. The beam will use the black holes gravity to gain energy like a whirlpool. After a while, the beam gains so much energy that it finally explodes. Using this, will render all planets in a system uninhabitable. This process takes one day on the atd server, and has a cooldown of 3 days.
Syntis Radiation Spike - A weapon which can be activated on request. Your fleet has to be stationary to use this, upon activation, fleets within a 10 ly radius take a set damage every minute. This lasts one day, and has a cooldown of 3 days.
Ripchee Influx Rupture - This is a weapon which can be activated on request. The tech unlocks an engine which can be used on dreadnoughts. With a 4/5 warp speed, it sets the dreadnoughts flagship level to 1. In turn, you gain bonuses, such as your shields resist every kind of weapon, including kinetics. When you attack another player, instead of appearing in front of the enemy, you instead jump right in the middle of the enemy fleet. When the battle starts, the dreadnought releases a pulse which disables any ship caught in the blast for the entirety of the battle. The blast has an aoe of 1800 meters. This has a cooldown of 3 days.
I cant really think of any for Snithereal.

Having god tier tech would make players want to fight for them. Right now everything is just so easily accessible, you dont have to fight for res as you can probably mine enough for your fleet the next day. Res is of even less concern in the mid to end game. Like i said, just spam deep mines on all your planets and you will have the income for multiple fleets every day. So, i feel that having super tech locked behind research, and us being able to fight for research points would be great.

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No active players and people still suggest better ways to kill off the players like it’s the cure. Lmao


Outscape isn’t dead just the enthusiasm to play the game is dying. They have been told time and time again to bring in some type of PVE part to the game. Their answer was pirates. I have seen players ask for anomalies. They could go to making Nebula’s where player’s can hide fleets in wait of ambushing. If IDA really want to keep a player base with the game they really need to construct a single player version. Which then allow’s for creation of PvE through to the MMO version. It also generates a audience. Not all gamers play MMO’s but prefer to play single player version of game’s. Playing the Single version of games goes to improving a player before playing Multiplayer MMO version as a player experience’s the gameplay without having to deal with a live player within the game set. But the major problem was IDA needed funding and had to release the game to early access. Was it really ready for that considering the lack of PvE content. Yes the main structure of the game was in place but a game without amount of PvE content you were bound to see player base drop off. PvE is what drives the boredom away when your not fighting PvP.


This is true in my experience, not to create a separate PvE game but to introduce more PvE. I have said before that one of the most hardcore PvP MMOs out there (EvE) had PvE at launch and they added much more PvE as they went along because they realised that playing MMOs is about appealing to as large base of people as possible while still keeping your focus audience. In fact I don’t think I have ever played a persisten MMO without a decent amount of PvE.

If Outscape focus audience is the hardcore PvP gamers then they need to add more things to fight over, as @BigBoomer says, but they need to also add meaningful and challenging PvE to keep others interested and best of all to mix PvP with PvE, so called PvPvE.

Eve did it in a way so that the PvE mobs with the best loot are in PvP areas which made PvP alliances lay claim to such areas so in effect doing PvP so you can do PvE which in turn gives loot to fuel the PvP. More over in Eve the most resource rich mining can only be done in PvP areas which again makes it so PvE (mining, as it can be considered the Environment in PvE) fueled the PvP.

In Outscape the resources are all randomly distributed with no areas different than the other which, after you built up your 40-50 colonies and have all the resources and money you need, basically makes it so there is little to fight over and the only way to win a war is to commit mass genocide and destruction of the opponents colonies and fleets. Imo this is the wrong approach as destroying colonies, which takes days/weeks to build, is a quick way to get people to quit so again I will agree with @irondarren that colonies should not be destroyable and what you should be able to destroy is other peoples fleets, which are relatively easily replacable, and capture colonies which can then be recaptured.

I personally dont know why people are quitting but my experience so far is that a couple of people I have been at a war with, ended with me destroying/capturing some of their colonies which promptly led them to quit. And this is understandable as I have to spend quite a lot of time establishing and upgrading buildings, building mines, ODS, barracks etc etc and then to have that all wiped out in an hour AND when I am offline? Yeah I can easily see how that can make people quit.

So to sum it up. Outscape need PvE to bring in more than hardcore PvPers and at the same time use that PvE to fuel the PvP which should be about taking over special, resource/PvE rich areas, and not laying waste to other peoples colonies. For this to happen the map cannot be generic and random, there needs to be special areas to fight over and other areas where you build up your colonies without the risk of having it all destroyed by player(s) much stronger than you.

That being said I don’t understand what the objection is against automated AI fleets. The devs have realised that offline protection is needed, probably after many people have voiced such need, and they decided to implement guardian fleets. Will it be enough and work right of the bat? No, most likely not but this game is still evolving and offline protections is a good thing to have. That coupled with something like planetary shields to protect active players colonies would go a long way to protect people’s assets.

The devs have already said that, with the introduction of guardian fleets, they are considering changing minefields from a weapon of mass destruction to a way to soften up fleets which I think is exactly the place it should have. So not sure I see a problem with it then. It will be just another tool that you can choose to use or not without being terribly disadvantaged either way.

Well what I find funny as well is that on one hand show a declining population and then on the other hand talking about introducing monthly subscriptions which for sure will make people even less inclined to try the game. The future of the game is not only the current playerbase but also the future gamers it can attract. This, imo, includes not having everything new player spent weeks/days build to be destroyed by more powerful players/alliances.

Right now I have a relatively new player on my border and he is trespassing into my territory and laying minefields around me. So I can easily send 20 fleets and destroy his core colonies but I wont because I know that if I do then he will likely quit and I will have another set of ghost colonies around me. But on the other hand I cant risk my fleets stumbling into a minefield and lay waste to them so either way I lose and he loses so instead I do nothing until i finally get bored and take him out.