Invasion success LOW?

Hello all,

I’m trying to invade a planet and got 220K syntis troops in a fleet to take it. The planet itself only has about 30K defending force and 1 lvl 3 Orbi. As far as i can see 220K syntis troops should be enough to have a HIGH chance of winning… but my win chance is only LOW…
Anyone has any ideas?

The planet looks like this:

in theory he has about 30k troops as said so 30k troop power you are landing with 220k troops (1.5 power?) so thats 330k troop power but you will loose around 80k power because of ODS so should be left with 30k v 250k, as far as i know there is a random element to it but it should even with random element, it will be a win. Of course i could have missed something

Yeah that’s weird, even if its a T2 ODS I rate you to having close to a 6x advantage in strength so woulda expected a Very High Chance myself??

If it is really a T3 ODS, only 55k of your troops are going to land. 55k vs 30k, you should still have an advantage, so no idea why they’ll say Low. I was expecting Moderate at least.

It is a homeworld so it is an ODS 3. and indeed in my calculation i also expected to land around 55K troops. Which should quite easily beat his 30K especially if you factor in the 1.5 advantage syntis has… So im at a loss why my chance shows LOW…

If somebody made a world that small a Homeworld then they are barking mad. But yeah the Res stats and the perfect temp for mankind are kinda suspiciously good. In which case there may be some trick here OR the Terraforming to homeworld has somehow skewed the odds. Its not like that patch had no issues already, whats one more…

I reckon its just (another) Bug. Probably a visual one only I’d be pretty surprised if he didn’t walk over the defenders easily enough regardless of what its saying odds wise

Only explanation i see is user error, and he didn’t actually have 220k troops

Friend code update? Possible bugs? I have a hard time believing it!

As for a planet that small being made a homeworld, well, I won’t go throwing around any accusations here, but if I personally were looking to utilize this feature and a friend/alt to boost a system’s stats, I wouldn’t concern myself with planet size, at all.

But gifting that planet to a friend for them to actually use? That’s just cruel!

Several people missed the part about T3 ODS while offering their uninformed opinions, but the odds should still be better than low.

That said, I’d add some more troops. I try to go for at least 3:1 strength, after accounting for the 75% troop loss due to the T3 ODS in question.

You should screenshot the bit where it says your odds are low, as that screen has all the numbers and multipliers shown.

yes it is a friend code converted planet. That entire system is converted planets by using the friend code exploit.

So now im trying to take one of those planets so i can use it as a tactical base to stop this player from growing any further with his exploiting

Could well be a bug related to friend-code planets. You should screenshot the invasion odds screen next time you get one and maybe @ joe on it.

will screenshot it next time. have to go get fuel first to get my fleet back there

@puma @joe here’s a great example of a system that needs to be fixed.

Burn 'em down to the ground! Take no prisoners!

and who does the system belong to?

a player called kadge. he also seems quite proud of his accomplishment as well… trying hard to defend that system. Anyone who wants to come ‘fix’ that system themselves be my guest :slight_smile: its coordinates are 310, -1042

People take pride in odd things though.

i wonder what that screenshot is about… and who that conversation is with