Invasion protection

New players homeworlds are protected from invasion for twenty eight days. Does this apply to other new players ?

Define “other new players”

I have been playing skirmish for a bit more than a week. Have reached planet cap so nothing to do except build happiness centers.

Planet cap means there’s no point in invading anything besides home worlds. Which I can’t do because everybody round me is under newbie protection.

Am totally bored, close to quitting and very close to posting a very strong DO NOT BUY review…

homeworlds is not what you want to go for, there are other better planets you should be looking for

That’s where your problem lies, this game is meant to be slow, Skirmish is the faster tutorial/introduction server.

Besides, if you get bored after a week then this game is unfortunately not for you, wars can take months to prepare for and fight.

Edit: Would you mind telling me what race you are playing as and exactly how many planets you have?

My suggestion is to join the main galaxy, it’s more active than skirmish and should go at a slower pace. Join an alliance around the area you land it for more interaction with other players.

This doesn’t match up. Syntis have planet caps, organics do not. If you’re building happiness centers, you aren’t Syntis. So you just have to work harder at adding more planets.

And what others have said, you should be conquering regular planets, not homeworlds.

ty all.

Playing mankind, have reached the soft cap of fourteen planets.

Speaking of planet caps, I’ve DESPISED the concept with a passion ever since it became an integral part of ALL 4x. Too much micro they whinge. I play 4x precisely BECAUSE of the micromanagement.

I prefer homeworlds as they have lots of ALL resources and massive pops. Never seen any other planet come close. Once again, planet cap SUCKS. Also, BTW, having explored north of twenty five systems, excluding colonised, have not encountered a single ‘alien’ so the whole dual population ‘exploit’ debate is a bit how many angels can you dance on a pinhead territory for this new player.

In only a few days, near exponential price rises as one progresses up the tree notwithstanding, I believe I have already amassed the resources and credits to prosecute a newbie war. The target possesses ONE system with good mostly uncolonised worlds. Has not moved a ship in days. Has left a pirate parked right next to their home world. Has been persistently losing rating on the leader board. Is my closest neighbour by far. Offal.

Join main you say ?

I say MINES and ZERG are sufficient and compelling arguments against going anywhere near MAIN.

have you actually fought:

most stuff thats being talked about here or in chat is just bloated. When you say you are at your cap, then i have to tell you there is no cap, dont be afraid to push well beyond that, try to find the limit of what is possible, and another point you mentioned:

try to find those systems with 30 million Farsu or 5 million Zyril, then you can talk about LOTS of resources.

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dear @Rae and precisely what good are those millions of units until I can grind (weeks/gigasecs) the requisite infrastructure ? One can choke on big numbers alone.

Not to mention that I have not uncovered any of such riches as of which you speak. Mebe a jiinx. Mebe they coulda all bin hover’d up by generations of players into their erstwhile as yet undiscovered home worlds.

Homeworlds are mediocre from a resource perspective. The deposits aren’t huge and the average density is only medium (avg 60%) with one or two exceptions. There are much better resource planets out there to take advantage of even if not in the “millions” of resource. What the other planets lack is the existing Shipyard and T3 ODS (which btw may go away or be decreased in the next or soon to be patch).

ty @Puma

Scanner included, break even r.o.i. The incentive is the early game pop/tax base.

You get a T1 scanner that costs little to build (2500 credits and 6k Be) and only 12 hours. Also you get a T1 Shipyard, also not that expensive to build. The only thing you can’t build without proper tech is the ODS and that might change soon. And every invasion you do on a HW cost you 75% of the invasion force you send down. That’s a loss in taxes for you for the troops that die.

You want taxes, go find planets that have Evo on them.

Troops are meant to die. They are a renewable resource. Given the taxes gained of, what, 260k new citizens ? In the first weeks of play in skirmish ? Massive.

You’ll find in late game you’re swimming in credits an won’t care so much. If you want more fun, join the main galaxy, join an alliance and have some fun interacting with other players.

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You do realize that one soldier taken from a planet is one less pop on the planet? Yes, you MAY get 260k new citizens but to get them, you will lose close to 240k pop too.

Not to mention I do no believe any starting tier 1 ship has the ability to gather the troop lift of 240k troops, even in a fleet. You need at least Tier 2 frigates to be able to “one drop” a homeworld. Otherwise you will have to use 2 waves and the defenders will recover during the waiting period for the 2nd hit. Which means taking the planet will cost way more than 240k pop.

tyvm @Recon1

my inexperience is showing. no biggie.

well, 'spose I’ll just have to build those tier twos then. thanks for that.

Hold up, 14 is like half of what you can easily sustain, just expand more!

I was at around 30 planets before I stopped playing, you can even go higher.

Yeah, 14 is where you discover corruption, not where it ends you. 30 is where it starts getting interesting to manage. 60 is something resembling a hard cap.

You lost me there Pal. You have achieved Nirvana like enlightenment in such a short time and with such a superficial introduction to the game (such as it is) impressive! All those of us that have found something to keep our interest in some cased FOR YEARS must be seven kinds of stupid clearly!

Still props for posting your misgivings here and I see plenty of food for thought has already been added.

But my point here (other than exercising my sarcasm gland) is to repeat the maxim “EARLY ACCESS” not a complete game, c’mon we all know its got plenty of mileage to add before its anywhere near general public ready. I’m glad you raised this (truly) but give the Devs a bone at least.

You did see what they posted what there next step in relaxing Planet caps both soft & hard was right? Your principle objection near as I can see has ALREADY been slated for another round of improvement. Or did that come out before you started? Bet that’s the case.

If so @joe, stuff like this needs to be regularly repeated a new feature progress tracker maybe showing whats up next (other than regular bug fixes - we all know they are ongoing) I appreciate that’s more work for you/IDA but as your community grows - so-does-the-need-to-share-info!

I presume you’ve also been tracking the review counter and type? We came within a whisper of cracking overwhelmingly positive but the dread 104 stopped that COLD and last months have been at best “Mixed”.

YOU MUST TELL COMMUNITY MORE or folks like the OP will come in play for a bit think “this is going no where” and want to leave. I don’t blame him there’s little info in game, and some folks (perhaps because of a language issue) don’t post Newbie questions in Gen chat (or here) . As I said, thank gawd he had the wits to make a post before quitting! Hes already admitted his inexperience once a few folks chimed in and gave him some answers!

IDA You must address your community more to forestall misunderstandings like this!