Invasion mechanics

Why does it often take so long for the invasion to start? Am I missing something? Is there a way to keep the times short, or at least shorter than 11 hours?

It’s about fair at the moment, it used to be a few hours in previous versions but with a the wait time that short you could invade and annex planets easily while they were offline, it gives them a fair chance to fight back with a fleet to counter the invasion.

Be satisfied it’s not the rigorous ground campaign I wish for.


I agree with SlayMoreDragons actually. While the invasion should begin promptly, i feel the actual invasion campaign should actually be a lengthy campaign. The larger, and particularly more defended, populated worlds should take even longer to reflect the time and effort it took to develop these worlds. You can’t honestly tell me you think it’s a remotely fair mechanic that you can take something in 11 hours, let alone 2, from someone that took them weeks or months to build up not to mention the resources that actually went into it? For the measly cost of your troops? Not even remotely close to a comparable cost of return on investment. Even 11 hours may not be sufficient for some folks as not all people LIVE online ya know? :slight_smile: I try to, but even i sometimes can’t get back on for 15 hours to over a day at some points. It might be helpful if we can get the game linked with an app that can notify us when one of our planets is being invaded, that would be very helpful as well to alleviate some issues related to that kind of thing. Just my couple of pennies.

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It would actually be cool if you could see invasions progressing in incremented time segments, perhaps every half hour or hour? Maybe, and this would make sense, the ability for both sides and/or allies to provide reinforcements.

I’d like invasions expanded into simplified phases, something like:

Orbital control
Regional control

Each phase can have mechanics specific to it, for example orbital control is required to land troops, but SpecOps teams can be landed by CovOps ships. Loss of orbital control means ground troops have limited time before running out of supplies.

Any phase you win moves you on to the next phase, any you lose pushes you back a phase.

It would need to be kept relatively simple though in terms of how it’s modelled internally.

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I’m still kinda hoping for structure placement o, a grid and then a campaign of conquering the colony building-by-building.

It can be mostly automated; there’s no need to churn out a whole separate game for this. Add it as a feature and players who build their empire to specialize in invasions will do very well and others will need to push overwhelming odds to force the automation to a more slowly arriving victory.

And once we’ve got a very basic feature of this, we could revisit the concept of having multiple colonies on a planet.

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