Invasion Campaign Options (GroundCombat5)


A long while ago I’d carried an idea from Trello to these forums. I’d forgotten this excerpt. These are very relevant to the struggle some are facing at prospects of war expansion along with corruption’s consequences.

These are premade default AI behavioral priorities to accomplish different agendas. Players can program their own through an advanced menu, but beta ought to start with a few of these basic options.

Also, all these objectives should allow (with excessive difficulty) false flags status.

Attack force will seek to seize all structures at any cost.

Conquer Intact
Attack force will seek to seize all structures with the least overall damage to themselves and the structures. A more advanced version might include an adjustable meter for tolerable damage thresholds to either the attack force or the structures.

The attack force has no interest in preserving structures. The colony will be ruins. This must cause outrage locally, which I hope to propose further elsewhere. A more advanced option might limit destruction to military targets, cutting the outrage incurred.

Units will seek to maximize resource acquisition. A quota might be set by the player.

Target Population
The attack force will prioritize colonists., ignoring military targets except to prolong the goal. This should incur great outrage beyond the locality.

Hit & Run
Designate target(s). The attack force will retreat immediately after mission’s accomplished. Examples: surface-to-orbit cannon, power plant(s), warehouse, mining facility, research center, Intelligence HQ.

Seize or build structure(s) in preparation for prolonged war.

Wide variety of ploys might fit this. Destruction of cultural items and/or replacement. Anything to sway opinions of the attacker and the homeland’s ruler.

Plant Devices
Poison water, food, or entire farmlands. Plant surveillance gear to maintain view. Ongoing hidden sabotage to diminish or pervert production structures.

Plant Cell
Hide away troops, weaponry, drones, etc.

War Game
All units involved toggle to non-lethal force until returning to orbit. Presumably ground defenses have agreed to play with paint as well.

I would add to this that a combination of propaganda (turning the people against the player/owner) and Hit & Run should topple the owner’s control and leave the planet as an NPC. This would be particularly useful if all barracks and defenses were repaired after the campaign’s success.

This excerpt originally came in conjunction with: Mechanical Campaign Execution (GroundCombat4)