Invasion bug?

I recently lost a planet even though I had superior defence (see the screenshow below). Is this RNG at work or a bug?

What were the two civs involved?

The screenshot doesnt show any superior defense force. Both forces were rather equal.


Defenders: Snithereal
Attackers: Mankind

Depends on how you define superior. Defensive force was 20% higher which would mean that there is some significant RND involved to make you lose such advantage.

I would say the battle was correct as the invasion is randomly generated there is all ways a chance that a smaller force can win. It’s just the calculation fell in his/her favour.


I agree with the others that state that while you had a larger force, it wasn’t significantly large enough of a difference to insure a win, when there the chances of a somewhat close troops has a random outcome.

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Ok good to know that there is a big variance when it comes to the outcome. I guess that makes invasions less predictable.

Interestingly enough this was a culmination of a week long war I had with my neighbor where I had destroyed three of his colonies and several fleets. So in a desperate attempt to swing the war in his favor he landed this surprise victory which made me respect him enough to end the war and agree to a NAP. In return he gave me some intel on a top 10 player not far from me.

This shows the dynamics of this game and how a war can go back and forth and how a war can turn into an uneasy truce. Pretty awesome game they have created.