Invasion Balance

The invasion balance is way off, it needs to be the other way around.

so right now:

Super Early Game:
Invasion not possible because of lack of technology and credits to build assault frigates
Early Game:
Invasions with very few thousand soldiers against unprotected planets (no ODS no troop buildings)
Early Game / Midgame:
Invasions against planets with 25% ODS and few thousand soldiers
Midgame / Lategame:
Invasions against planets with 25%/50% ODS and tens of thousands of soldiers
Invasions against planets with 50% ODS and several hundred thousand soldiers aswell as defensive strengh tech

Other than super early game, its getting harder and harder for players that have equal tech and economy to successfully invade. Why is this a problem? New players in early game are much much more likely to leave the game because they lost some useless planet, while players with several hundred hours dont rage quit cause they lost one of their 40 planets. So it needs to be quite a challange to invade in the early game but much much easier in lategame (there were some posts about stagnant endgame recently).

defense strengh tech for troops changed to offensive strengh for troops
more homeguard
new colonies start with 1 military building?

A suggestion for this would be a tech tree branch for troop weapon/armor development. Each level of tech development gives a small multiplier bonus for attack/defense values.

There definitly needs to be more techs or something to help invasions late game, right now the whole system i think needs a rework, but at least tech boosts for offensive invasions as well, and perhaps another tier or 2 of troop transports to carry more troops could go a long way.

As for early game invasion defense, Perhaps have a new building when we colonise, instead of starting with a power plant, its a Colony HQ (upgradable perhaps with tech) that supplies the 100 power, and maybe offers 2000 or 2500 troop capacity, something minor. The bigger colony ship techs can drop the more upgraded Colony HQ, and u could upgrade existing ones, to perhaps supply more power, provide more troops, maybe some basic terraforming, kind of incorperating all the bonuses from the advanced colony ship tech into a single building with some other minor improvements.
Perhaps this colony structure could tie into colony development speed as well, tier 1 0%, Tier 2, 10% faster building of structures, and tier 3, 20% faster, not stacking with giants, or you could add a minor ODS defense effect for the higher tiers, not stacking with ODS, so tier 2 10% tier 2 25% or something like that.

It is even pretty easy to invade planets, if you have time to prepare for an offensive invasion.

“Normal” planets are less likely to be defended by ODS, strongholds instead are heavily defendet and it’s purpose is, to not be invadeable easily, since you need 4+ month to build such defense, but the defense can still be shutdown with a coordinated attack in below 60 minutes.

The keyword is bomber. You send bombers to reduce the enemy pop to a value until the ODS shutdown, after this, you keep killing pops until a threashold you think you can easily invade them.

You are NOT supposed to invade a planet that is defended by 300000 Soldiers.

If the planet contain stuff, you don’t want to have, it is better to kill all pops ond recolonize the planet.
For example if you capture a planet with 50x T2-ODS, you would need around 2 month to dismantle them, so in this case, completly kill pops and resettle the planet, if the planet is worth to be taken (20000km size, good landmass, good deposit), if the planet is not worth to be taken, kill all pops.

If a planet gets “destroyed”, everthing, that has been built, will be get dismantled and you can deliver the Beron to your home sector.

Bombing replaces invasions. Really I think it does this earlier than most people realize. By the time your target starts getting the x2 and x4 defensive troop buff techs is about the time you should be starting your bomber fleets. (Really I’d say it’s the next tech you should get right after battleships. You still need to win the fleet battles but once you do, it’s bomber time, not invasion time.)

Once you get bombers going, your invasion force can consist of a single corvette group because you won’t need to invade against more than like 20k defenders.

The only problem with this is that until you build up a bomber fleet that consists of like 50+ LOSC then bombing is very time consuming and rather than “fire and forget” invasions you’ll need to babysit your bombing group for a number of hours and it’s pretty terrible gameplay. Once you get up enough bombers that you can wipe 500k in one round, though, then you’re on your way to quick-wiping people.

You still have to babysit the fleet, though, to manage ODS damage (though it’s easier if you’re Syntis, as all you have to do is mash “repair” on whatever ships are being hit).

I built 1 T2 ODS on almost every single planet. It’s such a huge anti-invasion benefit that it seems silly to me not to have one.

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Super early to mid game - pointless mainly, either too expensive or not needed.

Mid game - on proper targets only, or as guirella warfare to strike unprotected pits

past midgame - pointless, orbital bombs does it alot better and hell alot faster, so why bother.

Once independent colonies are added it might be worth keeping planets vs wiping them out mid-game and on. The reason invasions became a pain was that we have to train troops and few seem to be building a planet designed to do this quickly. Before population instantly converted to troops so it was simple to drain a few planets for a massive troop fleet.

I would say the main reason it became a pain is because the minimum time became 9 hours. Unless your enemy is AFK for that duration, they can reinforce and at x4 defense strength and 50% anti-invasion, it doesn’t take many reinforcements to cancel your invasion out.

Colonies should end up being similar to any other planet: bomb it to under 50k population, then invade it.

So you want invasions to be super fast so the defender is screwed and doesn’t have time to defend? Wind blows every direction it seems with offline and online balance.

Also they intend to have attackers be allowed to reinforce as well. It’s not implemented at this time. One of many half implemented mechanics.

No, I was describing the game as it is today: the main reason to not do late game invasions is because the time it takes to do the invasion gives the defender so much time to reinforce that it’s impractical to stop him from doing so.

If you wanted my suggestion for a fix, my “siege” idea would actually solve this too – if you clear out the inner circle of a planet’s orbit, drop troops and then park in the siege circle, it should prevent the enemy from reinforcing the planet unless he can knock you out of the siege circle.

So then it’s okay that invasions take 9 or even 24 hours – the invader can blockade the planet.

Allowing attackers to reinforce actually would not help because the defender only needs 1 troop for every 8 of yours. We need the ability to blockade the planet and force a fleet battle if he wants to drop more troops on it.

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