Intrastellar transit system


We have cargo transporters for moving cargo between planets, which is awesome. However, I still need to keep a transport in each system to move population around (until all planets hit max pop). As my empire grows this task is becoming increasingly annoying.

There are a lot of threads on the idea that repetitive tasks are too burdensome, and that compounds as we grow. Right now I am having to focus on population levels both at a macro and micro level. I am moving populations between planets to keep everything growing, but I am also scooping 200k pop from my first colonies to bring them to my newer colonies. I find myself having to check a couple times a day to see if any planets are full so I can move bodies.

What I would like to propose is a population mover, similar in nature to the cargo transporters. At T1 these would allow a player to move population between planets (if both planets have an Intrastellar transit system).

The real fun here is at T2. The T2 structure should automatically send/receive population when needed. If a planet has high unemployment the population would get moved somewhere that could take the extra population. Labor shortages would pull population from other planets with people to spare. A planet that was at max population would start sending population to other planets.

The T2 structures could also be limited in a way, like they can move 1k pop/hour. They also only kick in when a negative consequence would kick in (labor shortage, unemployment, max pop). This would limit the server load of the calculations.

I realize that in some situations you may not want these structures automating movement. The first response is simply don’t build the T2 upgrade. The other answer is the expectation with automation is that it’s not going to be as efficient as it might be if you were in control. That’s the trade-off. You lose precision control by not having to micromanage.

The build cost should be about half what the cargo transporter is (and 1/4 the energy) because we’re not actually teleporting. However, I would add a olzine cost. We need to fuel these space taxis.

Now, from a lore standpoint… The Intrastellar Transit System (ITS) provides a way for your citizens to move freely in the solarsystem. Is the big city getting too crowded? Well catch a ride on the ITS and head over to a more quiet planet. The ITS is also great for commuting!! Did you hear about the new T4 shipyard being built? Well, they are going to need a large workforce not only on the shipyard, but also on the 12 new T3 powerplants. Grab your hardhat and ITS will get you there!

Edit: I forgot one other benefit to this structure. When combined with the cargo transporter it eliminates the need to keep an in-system transport. Since we now have fleet caps this would allow players to reduce the number of logistical fleets, and focus more on recon, combat, interstellar freight, etc.

Cargo Transporter

I like this the idea of the Transporter being upgradeable. I would suggest that at Level 2 we can Transport the Population As well as the Cargo on the Same System. At Level 3 we can Transport Cargo Between Systems, Although at a Cost, Something Like the Pod System, Must Spend some Credits and Farsu on a Pod that Travels to another system. The Transporter Selects the System, and then you have to go to the Level 3 Transporter in that system to retrieve the Pod, This may help with the Logistics of selecting a Destination on the current Trade Wheel. Energy could be a high price for System to System Transport, maybe make a Ziryl Cost according to the Distance the Cargo needs to Transport. This will at least make the use of Transporters from System to System possible without making it an exploit.

Hope to see this in a future update!


I like the pod idea.

Maybe when a pod it launched it travels at warp 2. It has no navigation or sensors. And it can be intercepted by players/pirates.

This would free up interstellar transport ships (unless you wanted to move faster than warp 2). Add in a cost for the pods, a limited capacity, and a cooldown timer and we should be good to go.


I’d prefer automation to address setting up freight routes myself. This would reward the well organized player, but keep ships in space/vulnerable.


Given this game’s (current) mechanics, I believe automated transport similar to Stardrive would be the best fit, but with more control.

You build a transport and set it to auto (removes it from fleet cap)
Planets are set to export, import, or ignore (preferably above/ below a set amount of each specific resource)
Put a variable wait time after each completed delivery (say 6-12 hr) preventing large numbers of transports from excessively taxing the servers.
Give us the ability to set a priority like fastest route, max cargo, or prioritize planets for import or export.
Give us the ability to set an operational range so that we can keep some within a system or a number of LY to prevent them from going on excessively long trips.


Heh, if we could set up routes like railroad tycoon… giggity.


I saw an older thread on reducing fuel consumption and my idea tied to this, rather than necro that thread. I mentioned before about building stations as ships without engines, and still believe this would be a better way to represent them, and allow a fixed planetary defence fleet outside of the roaming fleet cap.

However, another use would be by placing tugs in the station fleet and hauling them to points in space between planets. Once in place a station would create a space lane where fueled warp speeds are used without consuming fuel. Consider it as the station providing power via laser/microwave/quantum warp entanglement.

Give them a maximum range they can support and allow them to be chained to create a network of lanes. Want to upset a war target? Start messing with his logistics.

Fuel would still be needed for fast travel off the lanes and for exploration, but if you invest time and resources in stations, you save fuel on regular routes.


If we had stations then they should be hauled out to a location by a freighter. A station should consist of multiple modules that must be assembled at that location. Each station assembly would essentially be a large module that was fit to a freighter, and then deployed. Over time, as parts were anchored and assembled the station would come online. This same method should be used to upgrade stations.

However, the goal of this thread was intra-stellar transit, not inter-stellar transit. There’s a number of topics on interstellar options including stations, warp lanes, wormholes, etc. The idea behind intra-stellar transportation was mainly to help redistribute population within a system without needing to use a fleet. Similar to what the cargo transporter does for materials.


Ah, I misread. Just add population to the transporter options.