Interpreting combat playback videos?

Hi all,

Is there a guide explaining how the different weapons are represented in the video playbacks? For example, are green streaks torpedos, or missiles?

I keep hoping they’ll give us a scrolling combat log.

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I’m shure if u have 2-4 types of weapon in fleet there is nothing hard to understand what projectiles belong to what weapon. Unless u have some issues.

No there really isn’t, you kind of need to know which weapon is on which ship in the fleet and get used to the way the firing works for each ship. Pirates are a good opponent to test against. Design a few different ships, put them in a fleet then watch the way they fire until you get used to which weapon looks like what.

@Pepelekus he’s new to the game give him a break…

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Think different tiers of the same weapon have differing colors even?

Yes, issue was not wanting to spend X # of hours experimenting to determine which weapon was what color-effect. I assumed wrongly it was documented somewhere…

I’m sure if you speak with some friendly veterans, they can help you. Try discord, and see if you can get some helpful tips from someone.

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Why do u so stubborn on an idea to remember how looks like every projectile? Just swim with a flow. When u have a playback u can zoom in and see what a things weapon spits. For example it is exactly what I do. I have no intentions to clog my mind with this useless information.

Because I saw a video that illustrated a mechanic I thought did not exist. To explain:

My ships launched a green streak. This green streak, upon reaching mid-point between fleets, was focus-fired on by enemy fleet – ending the green streak before it reached the enemy ship.

This would appear to be an interception/point-defense mechanic I assumed did not exist. Since I was offline, I was unable to see enemy fleet loadout … to try and figure out what that enemy weapon was that was apparently intercepting a projectile or missile or torpedo launched from my ships…

Were you using Lightening Guns by chance?

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Yes I was!

They start as a single beam then split into several. You weren’t intercepted that’s the way it works.

…except the images clearly showed weapons of the enemy ship focus-firing at that center-point… why would the animation show that?

The replay visuals are filled with bugs unfortunately. Which tier lightning gun were you using?

I was confused the first time I saw them fire as well, then I kept replaying it until I saw it split and the fire hit multiple ships in the opposing fleet. I thought they were being intercepted as well at first.

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So in the end u whants explanation in details how each type of weapon works instead of what u state from the beginning.

To say the true - everyone whants it. Especially because devs make changes in weapon mechanics sometimes. And even more because playback videos are broken in many aspects.

In the end, clarity was achieved. :slight_smile: