Instant elimination of corruption when upgrading government building

I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional, but when you start the upgrade of the government building the existing corruption is automatically updated. Since I only have 3 extra planets at the moment, it went for corruption representing the 3 to zero, but the upgrade isn’t finished. I understand that upgrading isn’t suppose to impact corruption, but I want to make sure this is operating correctly, so it’s an FYI to @joe to verify this is correct. I expected the existing corruption not to increase or decrease until the building upgrade was completed.

Asked and answered. I’m too lazy to go find the link, though. Working as intended.

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I realize that the corruption doesn’t go “offline” while the upgrade is happening, however the corruption improvement takes effect when you start the upgrade,not when it finishes. That part wasn’t stated in the discussion previously. So I’ll wait for Joe to answer, but thanks for taking the time to answer.

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Have to check if syntis gets an instant planet cap boost.

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I’ve checked and it’s working as intended:

  • The corruption boost from the higher level government building is applied as soon as the upgrade is queued
  • But the economy boost is only applied after the upgrade has finished

It was done to prevent a big corruption hit while upgrading, although it is a bit inconsistent with how the construction queue works in general, and I’m not sure why the corruption immunity boost is applied immediately rather than just keeping the lower level building ‘online’ until the upgrade was finished and then applying it…


I understand keeping the existing immunity during the upgrade, that’s necessary. I was just surprised that it pre-applied the upgraded immunity while the upgrade was in the queue. Thanks for confirming.


@nizarious3901 this is the post that explains how corruption is impacted during upgrade.

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That’s because of a scenario where an organic empire in the lategame either loses or needs to relocate the government building. There’s a total of 3 days’ build time to get the gov building to max level, the vast majority of this time is taking it from T4 to T5.

3 planets protected from corruption may not sound like much, but once you have 50+ planets we’re talking a -6.0 change in corruption… across 50+ worlds… for a 3 day period. That’s why the corruption protection is in place the moment you start the upgrade. It has to be that way.

You don’t understand, you are getting ADVANCED corruption protection. You SHOULD keep your EXISTING protection during the upgrade, but not advanced protection which is what it is doing now.

If you lose your government building, yup you are going to be in a world of hurt.

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it would be such a world of hurt that it would make the government building unreliable and no sane lategame organic player would use them

Yes, precisely. I’m not sure I like it either tbh. But that has nothing to do with the issue in this specific thread. Take it to a new one as feedback. You lose the homeworld where it’s located and you will scramble to get it up on a new planet.

I understand the desire to keep things consistent and not have the gov building behave “special”. They could achieve that by dramatically reducing the build time and then not applying any benefits until after. I think they were going for a sort of middle ground by not presenting lategame players with an incredible weak spot from corruption, yet still making it take a long time to get the % bonus to income.

That makes losing the building quite punishing, but not disastrously so. There’s no reason the loss of a single building should threaten to bring a giant empire to its knees.

I don’t disagree, but it does need to be it’s own thread or this topic will get lost. It was discussed somewhere to put one on all planets, but not allow them to function. But it all gets lost when we discuss multiple topics on the same thread.

I did the calculation and to go from 0 to fully upgraded Government building (assuming you have the credits, which is likely in late game) it takes 21+ hours if I calculated it right. If all your planets are at 100% happiness, there is plenty of time to rebuild one on a different planet.

But I do like the idea of being allowed to have a T1 government building on each planet (if you choose to) but it would have an on/off switch like suggested by someone and only one can be operational at a time.

Ah you know what, you’re right and I was wrong. I made some error in my math before that made me think it takes 3 days, but I double checked it and yeah it’s just over 21.2 hours. That completely changes my position to “it’s not a big deal either way”. Thanks for checking me on that.

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