Initial New Colony Population Support

Playing as Syntis.
Just put down a new colony.
I have not built a Syntis Controlor (farm) but my population is climbing normally.
Does your colony ship provide a certain population support when it is cannabolised?
If so, how much?
i.e. to what population can i grow before I’ll need to add a Syntis Controller (farm)?

large planet

small planet

Stuff like this seems a bit odd tbh.

Yeah, I looked at all that, but it doesn’t tell you.
On constructed structures, nothing either.
A new Syntis Controller gives you 25K population support.
But you don’t have one when you first put down a colony, and the power plant you start with doesn’t state that it supports any population.
So where does your initial population support come from and how much is there?

I’ve seen screenshots of planets growing after 50k without farms. Running theory is that the shown max pop is what you need to hit before farms come into play.

I have the same question. And I would like to see more statistics and figures. To where the displayed number of consumed food and the number of produced. For example, the food balance could be displayed here

And when colonizing a new planet, it would be logical if some kind of colonial base was built from the buildings, instead of a power plant. This base produces some basic amount of energy and food for the settlers.

I guess you have not seen that the upper levels of Colony Modules pretty much do just that:

Type B1 has Power AND farm

Type B2 Power farm and multiple climate stations

At least that’s what my Tech tree is telling me?? I get what your saying about a base (city centre) but then again the Citys here take a heck of a lot more Personnel so maybe its less practicable

Yes, it is, but it’s still unclear what happens to food balances. Here need to more information.

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Toasters need no food.