Increase the tax rate for Syntis Please

Having a fixed tax rate for Syntis at 35% in the early part of the game stunts our growth and leaves us unable to compete and keep up with the organics who can tax at 100%. The improved resources are great, the ability to go exploring faster is great, but when I don’t have the credits to build a colonizer or a freighter what use are they to me? The only thing putting me in the top 20 is that I do have 2 organic colonies right now. Can we get an upper threshold for Syntis taxes that is closer to maybe 50% instead of being fixed at 35% or some sort of tech that will allow us to increase it?


You don’t have corruption to worry about, so the tax rate was balanced accordingly.

Not exactly as corruption mechanics were changed to start at 14 plants. Nothing was adjusted for Syntis for their credit penalty other then some later game extra planets.


Credits are grim early and are hampering doing much so far. And to top it off I have yet to find an organic second civ so far and have other players all around that will limit any likelihood of finding something close.


Slow and steady wins the race?

I don’t feel bad for trash cans, sorry. They continue to spread, like a virus, while organics have to slow down and/or stop.

It’s not balanced until there is corruption for an organic to worry about, which now doesn’t happen until they have 14 planets and at that it’s not that high. Organics also have EC’s to combat corruption and allows them to tax at 100%. We are stuck with 35% forever AND planet caps.

Sounds like a personal problem to me.

And that sounds like a personal problem to me as well. Shared among all of the trash-can lovers.

Why do we like looking at the downsides of the synths? They have pretty good upsides no other race has. If there is an tax increase for synths there might be implications affecting all the other races.

I’m just saying its literally in the synths cons. that they have a lower credit income… but not SO low they are unplayable.

I never said they were unplayable. They are actually quite good now that we can keep organics happy and grow their population. That doesn’t negate the fact that their fixed tax rate of 35% puts us at an extreme disadvantage in early and mid game until credits don’t matter to anyone. I’m not asking for 100%, but better than the fixed 35% we have now.

In late game I can have 40 mil vs an organic taxing at an avg of 80% has 100 mil who cares, we can’t spend it all, either of us. But in early game where I can only get 1k vs an organic who can get 20k it’s a big problem.

I do agree they have come a long way. but i’m a PR player. Suppose it is increased? by what 5%? maybe 10%? Credit income is calculated from the amount of people. (more people more Credits) Synths do have the lowest population growth rate too. Eventually Organics will have more people at one point to simply tax in the first place.

Its just the synths natural disadvantage that they have a lower tax income. and if it effects them hard early and mid game well so be it. you cant increase taxes on a tiny synth colony. you woun’t get much of anything until they grow into a established world.

As I stated, I don’t need it to be 100%, I’d be happy if it were increased at least to 50%, just that 15% would be an improvement in early game. Mid to late game it doesn’t matter. We all have an excess of credits then.

We have planet caps, fleet caps and tax caps, how many more caps do we need?

Show me how it’s balanced how it is now and we can talk about it more. Otherwise, I doubt we are going to come to any sort of agreement here.

really think it comes down to galaxy setup. If the pre beta server were a live, game has offically been released, server i’m sorry but most syntis would get owned. On skirmish server a syntis player spawned close to me and we fought from the very beginning. I had happened to have more scouts total and was able to blow his ships up. Syntis ships are expensive, and that pretty much put the nail in his coffin. If they are right next to someone early on and war breaks out they just can’t compete as they don’t have the credits to both build ships and colonize and build up their planets, they just can’t.

On the other end of the spectrum if you leave them alone to grow unchecked, well thats a different story altogether.

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And it’s true that organics got a early game buff not having to worry about corruption for an additional 9 planets, and thats nothing to scoff at. That is a HUGE difference as they don’t have to sink resources into making their people happy and instead keep building ships and mines etc etc. While the organics are chugging along at their now increased pace the syntis are still oozing along at their early game’s snail pace which is fine IF they arn’t having to worry about organics around them rolling in credits and resrouces from their abundant planets while the syntis are still scrounging for a freighter and another colonizer.

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I posted this in another thread, but a simple solution is this:

Syntis can tax from 0 to 50.

35 being a neutral tax level. For every point you adjust taxes down towards 0 you gain a 1% increase to the base rate of growth on that planet.

For every point above 35 they increase taxes they decrease the their grow rate by 2%, and decrease their tolerance for unemployment/labor shortage by 1%.

So you can tax more, at a penalty which is worth it, OR you can tax less, giving you a reason to tax less. This is a better nuanced system, that gives more depth and strategy.

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I also want to point out this:

There are 2 major factors in the fact that Syntis are balanced with 35% taxes. 1) They don’t deal with happiness, and 2) They have much much much much much much larger max populations than Organics. This means that late game, their population can exceed organics. So it makes up the difference in taxes while Organics as time goes by can’t tax at 100% anymore due to massive corruption penalties.

So you end up having like 700k planets at 50-70% taxes vs Syntis 1.5 million at 35% tax rates.


Exactly. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Atreides, use ur fantsy. Syntis player with second ripchee population is unrival ecomonic in late game. BUT! Their t3 ships unrival too! Simply - best. Even Ripchee can’t be on par shile humans just smoke in corner in depressy. Way 2 unbalanced.

So it’s only withing reason to make Syntis volunarable in early game.

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In late game, as things are now, it doesn’t matter, we ALL have more credits than we can spend regardless of the population or tax rate. What I care about is the early game when the ONLY thing that matters is credits.

Also, with corruption, I’ve seen people post they CAN indeed tax at 100% if they set up their planets properly. But again, it doesn’t matter in late game right now.

My temperature and land mass requirements are way way way to far out of the range for pairing with Ripchee. Either they die or if I try to keep them alive and growing, I can’t grow enough to have a decent military presence on the planet in any sort of timely fashion. I know I had a planet I’ve paired with Ripchee for a very short time. I can have a wonderful T4 shipyard with them at the expense of being able to properly defend it in a timely fashion.

I do love being with Mankind or PR though.

You know above that post I gave a solid idea for more income right?