Incentive on mid/higher tier of game ..!

from what i have seen there will be servers with diferent status of win or that kind.

Ok i may not mind that but to want to be NUMBER 1 for some Steam rewards or ranks ??WTF is this ?

Make rewards like gear upgrades of ships or upgrade of planets … this is a mmorpg like game wehn u want to achieve somethign after u play weeks and months

we need a good reward system , i dont care about ranks on steam OMG , iw ant rewards that can make me strong or at least make me 1-2% or 5% more powerful that to pelase me that i work hard weeks to beat others in this game .

If u make it a E-sport make it for real and like an mmorpg do it …if u try to make a DAMN BATTLE ROYAL of this game you will lose people ( for ex me and my firends that play this )

No pay to win and doubt they will introduce gear and items to benefit a select few either.

When you take the time to spellcheck your posts, the people that have been playing this game for years will respect them more.

Have a nice day.

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