In Planet View

Logging in just now and “in system” planets names are minute and unreadable. Also scrolling out so I can see all the planets on screen (which I have done for over a year) makes all fleets almost invisible, they are so SMALL !!! additionally I am not now getting an idea of planets within a system, which I have been able to before. I do not think there was any update overnight so how can the game get even more broken ? For me, you guys should roll back to how it was a year ago - minus the mine rubbish ofc. Thanks.

PS I have not changed any game settings or visual settings, all is as it was when i last logged on. Thanks.

PPS just colonised another planet, and it is not showing on the sector map at all !!! it is still grey !!! unbelievable !!!

Try logging back out and in again, see if that fixes it.