In-game videosss


This has happened to me a few times where i would prefer not to have to see the video immediately due to time concerns. whether in a combat situation or just trying to save 2 colonists from freezing to death, hitting the esc key or clicking something in the video itself should close out of it.

I do enjoy the videos though.

ignore the extra 2 s in the title. i was 2 letters short of a requirement.

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The back button stops and closes it.



I hate them. After stellaris, endless space 2, etc, such a videos looks like something from 2000th year. Moreover just few moments ago after colonisation game just crushed. With server together. Even server hates this videos!



I haven’t seen it… I’ll make sure not to be star struck next time i colonize a planet…



Backspace OR Escape work for me.

And yes once you have seen them a few times they become irritating: pretty much the same with all cut scenes in all games for me. Sadly.

Might I suggest after you have seen them once you get the option to toggle them on and off? Bonus suggestion: Have a “Library” of cut scenes you have unlocked in your profile someplace so you can always go back and gaze lovingly at them if you feel the need hmmm?

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Yea, so I should have posted this in the bugs thread, esc does not work for me lol