Improved Galaxy Overview

There has been discussion that there is still room for improvement on the Galaxy Overview. Keeping it both simple but expanding the information that is presented, I’ve prepared this suggested adjustment to the existing version of the GO. It’s minor improvements that might help us not have to actually go back to the planet all the time. If I missed something, please add what you don’t see on the GO that causes you to often return to your planet to find.

I can’t edit this since I did it in another format - but where I say “possibly drill down” I intended to say “expand the view” to display more detail


I’d like to see a column for ETA on construction queue completion to know if you need to put more things on it or if you are still good for some hours.

And another for unemployment %, since hitting cap there might screw with your happiness gain.

Would also be convenient to hide the columns you don’t care about.


How would having a simple “hours” remaining for the sum of the queue work. That could then be a single column added to the GO.

How about another expanded window for the Happiness % information on each planet that could show both the unemployment% and the Labor Shortage %. Both could result in the same situation on a planet.


From another post I made

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I think I included all that in my original suggestion, just laid out differently. See if I missed anything.

On a related note the % value for unemployment and labor shortage in planetary view isn’t that helpful. Would rather it got replaced with absolute cap values for current population. Easier to keep track how much more you can squeeze out of shortage or when unemployment might give you trouble.

Possibly you could create a separate post on the forum to improve the planetary view? This is for the Galaxy Overview and it might get buried and unseen as a separate request.

I support anything that gives us more information to use and less spreadsheets to maintain.


amen to that

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agreed with what is building in the construction q and ship q


With slow population growth I’m increasingly visiting planets hoping to build but cant due to lack of available workers. Could you consider adding ‘Available Workers’ stat to the GO.

Though this is only useful if you calculate and add in the workers that would fit into the labour shortage limit…

So population * (1 + labour_shortage_max) - current_buildings_requirement


seconded. We need to be able to see a shipyard icon on the overview table, and on the galaxy map. It’s very inconvenient to manage planets without knowing your shipyard locations.

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Folks are looking for improvement on the Galaxy Overview, so just jump starting the conversation again from where we last left off.

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@Puma you’re the queen of dead post resurection lol :joy:

Only because we continually rehash the same topic lol. :smirk_cat: That’s not a bad thing btw folks, just shows the area being discussed still needs some work.


Heh I didn’t even realize this thread was that old. We’ve needed this fixed for that long.

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I’d like to be able to see the shipyard’s timer on the GO for planets where you have a ship being produced, only for the one with a current build in progress. That way I don’t have to check every shipyard to see when my ships will be completed.


One thing just occurred to me-

If we could move, resize, and dock the GO it would be awesome. As an example, I’d like to be able to filter planets that have an idle ship yard, and dock that on the right side. Then I can click through my planets with idle ship yards quickly and easily.