Impressions and Thoughts from a new player

This is acantoni, new player on day 4 on the Fast server.

On one side i am quite happy to have found this game which reminds me of very old mmos like Beyond Protocol, on another i am a bit puzzled.

Comments on random orders which may also be wrong newbie impressions:

  1. There is very little playing population, we know that but at this point i see potentially as a good thing as basic things are still not there and the game is not ready at all for “mainstream”

  2. No fleet queuing orders !!! this i really thought it was a joke… it escape me how this is even possible.
    This is essential, it cannot take 40 clicks to explore a system

  3. Very poor QOL in general and clunky UI. Like no possible to change order of build queu in a planet… all these very small usability things we are all used to since 20+ years of rts/4x seems to have been totally forgotten

  4. Poor/limited automation. I have not had warfare with other players but even setting trade runs is painful. all the automation is not there yet (from colony governors, to defense fleet, to automatic smart shipments, to conditional orders, ecc…) Beyond Protocol, a must more “hardcore” MMO which unfortunately failed 10+ years ago already had all these automation feature in place.
    To name the most essential automation that MUST be there are 1) Automatic defense 2) Automatic exploration of a system (yes even if this carry additional risks) 3) Logistics automation from a neat interface 4)Better planet automation/queuing

  5. Graphics are nice

  6. My current thought is that diameter in a planet is potentially the most important factor to decide a colony together with 2nd species, mining % and temp/water… unfortunately, diameter is missing from the UI of the planets so you need to cycle them one by one

  7. Notes for not colonised planet. My use case is simple… since diameter is important when i explore i would like to flag good planets with 20k+ diameter but i cant…need to use an excel instead

On the fast game i believe i got the hang of it, have already loads of research and credits but the motivation to play is very limited as there seems to be very little to do
Please change my mind!



Welcome to the madhouse. Agree on all these points and more.

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Excellent points. A lot of the inactivity you see is the result of the age of the ATD sever. Many of us have had our fun and a war or two and are anxiously awaiting some additional content and a new server. Hang in there, continue to explore and add more insight and be prepared for the next iteration, should be more fun for you then.

there is more automation in a coming update, although it is still lacking.

Thank you for your reply!
It seems i am not the only one then feeling this way…

Anyway i am enjoying the opportunity, with the fast server, to learn a bit the mechanics and excited to hear a new version is coming soon.

Leaving the thread with a “radical thought”… if we ever will have a basic level of “automatic defense” i see a possibility long in the future that this could be used, similarly to other games, to have potentially player empire which have been abandoned for > x days becoming “AI controlled” with an AI that could transport resources, field fleets, wage battles, ecc . All things that would make the universe feel a bit more “alive”.


I am also very surprised that this relatively small but very powerful feature has not been implemented. I read some old posts, from 3 years ago, asking this but no sight of it.

Automated defense is coming though and will be likely in the next major patch.

Yes I suggested this as well. Right now I have, at least, three inactive/dead players around me and it would be awesome if AI would pick them up and start attacking me. Unfortunately it seems this game is very much focused on PvP with very little PvE available at the moment. Hopefully this will change in the future.

PS: I played Beyond Protocol too. Game had big potential but the devs were not up to the task. Outscape has even better potential and their dev team seems much more competent. But as you mentioned, they need to pay some attention to QoL/UI issues as well as mechanics/endgame content.


I returned to the game recently to check out the changes over the last 6 months or so and went through a whole “oh, right, I can’t do that in this game” stage. The very first thing I did was click on a scout, hit CTRL-1 to hotkey it, pointed the scout at a planet, looked at the homeworld, zoomed out, hit 1 key … oh. right.

Tried shift clicking, right clicking, shift-right clicking etc to queue orders … nope.

Looked for a way to turn off power hungry buildings … nope, gotta destroy them.

Then there’s everything you mentioned, and weirdness like having to guesstimate or calculate manually how much pop you can remove from a planet without a complete shutdown, since the calculation they provide on the planet screen indicates the shortfall in relation to what the limit would have been without your employment tolerances. Just … show us the real surplus / deficit.

There. That feels better.

Having said all this, there is a good 4X game lurking under there. Like, really good. Enough that a returning player relearning the game can put in a fun couple of days before arriving here in the forum section to bitch.

My hope is that the problem is developer workload. My fear is that the problem is insufficient financial resources coupled with declining revenue. They’d fix all this stuff if they could I’m sure.

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Good points

But as for #6/7
Diameter isn’t always the priority, you can find a 13k planet with 90% landmass that can give you enough population to do everything you want to do on the planet

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on mouse over you get more information in a lot of areas. game needs to be more clear about it though, imo. there also isnt a required labor number to keep the planet running nor an “optional labor” number. not really sure what else to call the group from the calculation current population minus required labor count.
and i’m not sure why this isnt the same as the one above.

Yes, but all of that is completely unnecessary. In the example you gave, there is no labor shortage. There is a surplus. Just give the amount of the surplus.

( a minor point )


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Are you just being difficult ? The pop you can remove from this planet isn’t 32,333.

It is the solution to

  • ( 851,000 - ( 883,333 - x ) ) / 851,000 = 0.3

  • ( x - 32333) / 851,000 = 0.3

  • x = ( 0.3 * 851,000 ) + 32333

So you can remove 287,633. That’s all we need to see. It’s the important number, and the one thing left out.

not intentionally no, i miss-read your statement. more and more recently i am suffering from lack of sleep which is another conversation.

in any event, its easy enough to transfer smaller amounts of population to until you get to what you want, however, to your point, its tedious and there is enough of that in this game. i dont personally need it but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be added.

The lack of sleep sounds like the better conversation. Rest up.

When I’m wanting to remove excess population, I always use between 25% and 29% (depending on the total population) to calculate the labor shortage, then I give myself that buffer to account for the fact that once you remove population 30% of the remaining population presents more of a shortage than 30% of the original population less what you intend to remove (if you remove all of the “excess allowed”).

I find it a minor annoyance and not one that the developers need to concentrate on resolving now. You get a warning if you try to exceed the allowable shortage, so it prevents you from shutting down your planet.