Idea to consider


With the new update means torpedos are literal fleet killers. Two syntis battleships with torpedos alone can one shot my 10 ship fleets. If nothing else will be done about this obviously broken weapon then do this.

Rename the aoe torpedos to tactical nukes. Increase ordinance consumption by 5 times, put them at the top of the tech tree (11k to 30k research difficulty).

My fleets are now useless. Even in my top tier 16 ship fleets more than half will be hit by cluster torpedos. Right now syntis is the best race hands down, because of their ability to carry four torpedos on a t3 ship, while also having the armor and shields of a tank.

A single dreadnought can kill my entire 10 ship fleet.

This is just broken and i hope you fix this soon.