IDA please stop adding new features


IDA please stop adding new features but fix all the current bugs and change the terrible faction balance

fix minefields
fix invasions
fix autotransfer
fix pirate mode

balance orbital bombardment

balance the factions

balance ships

  • t1 ships utterly useless

  • syntis ships are way too strong in general

  • snithereal very low base armor

  • almost no variation in ship cost due to same cost for engines / weapons / modules, hence a scout will cost as much as a corvette lategame


If adding new features gets in the way of fixing the things killing the game for many of us then I am with you. If it’s not getting in the way then I don’t mind as long as the features are well thought about and… idk… maybe… like… tested?

pirate mode doesnt work properly, it can even make the game crash. @Slamz

autotransfer is bugged, and poorly implemented. transfering citizens doesnt work properly @MassiveBanana

invasion calculation is way off @AncientOne

minefields and sweeping is bugged @Teeo

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It seems to me like IDA has a lot on their plate right now. Mines are terrible, the worst they’ve ever been. This is true. Yet they’re finally pushing out some real alliance features and people say, “should have added this years ago”.

People quit because of the mines, people quit because of not enough features, people quit because they lost and that just shouldn’t be possible in a wargame apparently.

Meanwhile, from my perspective, we’re all getting pinged on this post because it is self aware of the fact that it contributes absolutely nothing new to the conversation.


cause we dont need anything new, but introduced stuff refined

the introduction of a chatroom is hardly something you can call “alliance features”

IMO they were worse in Main1. I only say that because I don’t want them to just revert to the Main1 system again.

Biggest difference I see in Main1 vs Main2 mines is that while they both end up playing out the same way, in Main1 we were doing it with 20+ minelayers and 40+ minesweepers at a time. Microing literally 40+ minesweepers was absolutely absurd but you had to do it. Now, in Main2, with the stacking limits, you can’t use that many. The time investment is the same, and you can still end up bogged down endlessly, but at least it’s a lot less micro for the same end result.

Although one thing that kind of upsets me that’s new to Main2, is that the “minefield bypass” method got crippled too. In Main1, you could say “okay fuckit” and break your fleets up, put them all into Corvette flagships and just drive through the minefield. Now that 1 active sweeper means you can’t turn on any other sweeper anywhere nearby, that bypass trick is a whole lot more trouble.

So in that respect, I guess it’s about a break even.
Main1 mines:
(-) tons of micro
(-) huge drain on fleet limits
(-) can bog down for hours or days
(+) can bypass with warfleets

Main2 mines:
(+) very little micro
(+) not much of a hit on your fleet limits
(-) can bog down for hours or days
(-) bypass is unrealistically aggravating for large warfleets to do

You don’t need to tag me, I’ve made my position pretty clear on the subject.

The biggest problem with mines on Main2 is that the minesweepers don’t work as advertised, and the time they are SUPPOSED to take was never re-evaluated as part of the most recent broken patch. Which was promised.

The fact that you can use NAPs to stack mines, as many allies as you can find, just takes the first problem to a ridiculous extreme. Joe said something to the effect of “I’ve heard a report about that”, and that was weeks ago. No fixes.

The problems with activating minesweepers within 10 LY of another is just ridiculously tedious. Again, a fix was promised, but has yet to be delivered.

But hey, they’re adding a speed server, so all of these problems will get even more eyes on them. Maybe they’ll fix them then.


I know y’all don’t like Rae but he’s right on this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t wait for the speed server to launch without a proper minefield fix. The server will be dead in a few days. Shorter timers aren’t going to solve anything. It’s just going to make the game even less forgiving for anyone that isn’t living in their computer chair. LOL!


Totally agree with the original post. Not sure about the tagging tho, almost dissapointed I didnt get tagged.

Anyway, it seems IDA will keep adding more broken stuff without fixing any of the stuff they added broken previously. Its an absurd way to make a game.

Its Pre-Beta, we expect things to be a bit broken at times, but the priority should always be to get them fixed, and then move forward.

As for balancing, specifically Syntis and Snakes. Why do Syntis have the ability to self repair, whilst Snakes, in desperate need of a boost and with special armour, dont. Would help with balance if this ability was moved to Snithereal for the next galaxies, oh and made at least 10x less effective as it is stupidly fast currently.

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We are seeing the affect of years of slow development and trying to polish things out. (Sometimes by hitting it with a bat)
I think they have decided to go the other way, put it in and fix things as we go so they can finish the game before 2030.

I agree with this too – EVERYONE needs the ability to repair far from home but the Syntis repair rate is absurdly fast. The problem is that the repair modules stack. They really shouldn’t. It should use the single best repair module in the fleet and that’s it.


Let’s do that with weapons too, but why stop there, do it with every module and even with fleets, while we are at it. - only the single strongest ship should fight in battles! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Jokes aside, repair should be a thing for every faction and it should cost resources. Synt repair modules could be faster and more efficient compared to other factions. Or, other factions should sacrifice weapon slots. (repair modules had to be placed in weapon slots).

Actually I think repair is the only active utility module that DOES stack, making it the oddball already. You can’t put 3 minesweepers on your ship. You can’t even put 3 minesweepers in the fleet and have them stack. You also can’t stack minelayers – only 1 will get used when you hit the button.

But you can load up a couple of ships with nothing but repair modules and get a crazy repair rate to the extent that it’s really not fair to anyone who has to fight Syntis. Their damaged fleets may be back to full health within 15 minutes while yours take hours, assuming you even have a facility for doing so. Repair modules shouldn’t stack.

Well, mines shouldn’t be a thing.

  • Orbital bombing is an active ability and it stacks, just like repair modules do.
  • Asteroid mining is an active ability as well and is stacks.

So, out of 5 active abilities 3 stacks and the other 2 are mine laying and sweeping.

Are there any other active utility ability? :thinking:

Orbital bombing needs limits too, really. I think people will be finding that out in the new high speed galaxy.

But surely you can see how one race repairing not just in space but 10x faster (or more!) than any other race is too much advantage, and it’s only 1 of the Syntis’ many unique advantages. Like “not only are we going to give the Syntis something unique to them, but we’re going to make it insanely powerful”.

You can get salvage from blowing up pirate ships… but their is no way to scuttle your own craft for resources…

I mean… come on that is honestly just pathetic.

No idea why it isnt in the game and why it wasnt implemented from the start. Literally 0 thought about breaking down old ships? Really? Didn’t … I dno think it would be an issue or come up with players.

You can legit take up your fleet spots with ships that are usefull in the start… and then you literally have NO WAY AT ALL to get rid of them after unless you suicide run them into something.

Fix your game please… this is kinda pathetic.

? you can shuttle your ships for (half) resources though, you just need to do it at a shipyard.

Learn how to play, then complain.

You can recycle ships at a shipyard. There’s a button for it and everything.

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  1. You can go to a shipyard and recycle your ship.
  2. You can upgrade your ships with new designs.

Take your fleet/ship to a shipyard, click the top left magnifying glass icon, zoom in on your fleet. To the left you should see your ships, there is a recycle and upgrade button for each of them, in the top right of their boxes.