I hate making fleets


I cannot express more simply or effectively how much of a waste of my time and energy and thought process it is to make fleets in the current system. I hate it. It makes me want to quit the game forever and burn all the BD links and data off my hard drive, sledge hammer the hard drive, throw my laptop over the next house, and search out small animals to torture.

I know i’m not alone in this. I read lots of complaining in-game. IDA is torturing us with this horrid, horrid, horrid fleet-making system.

Give us auto-fleets and/or fleet templates. We’ve suggested these things months and months ago. We’ve waited long enough.

DOnt think you are alone with these sentiments. I do think they have auto fleet builds/templates on the drawing board as I have stopped making fleets and just build the ships. If I needed to then I would start to combine them but agreed it is just too hard at our current size

We should be getting at worst the ability to move ship to a position and combine with fleet as a single action.

I think they need to take if further and allow fleets to be created based on a template. So this means arranging ships in the near view and setting ship orders as per a template. You would move ships into a fleet then view the fleet. You would get a list of compatible templates based on hulls and number of ships. Then select your template. Any upgrades if you are in orbit could be done at the same time if there are discrepancies.

It would be nice also if ships didn’t get ejected into space until you were ready to. Allowing you to form fleets before they became a galaxy map entity. This would entail selecting a template. It would build the Fleet and eject to space.

When adding new ships via context menu it only accepts compatible ships based on its selected template.

Context menu should be for beta and the others for launch given the other content we need like alliances and wormholes

Hmm interesting first of all let me: “Mee too!” its a chore to make up fleets no mistake


Rightly or wrongly I have formed an impression that the DEVS intend to use drudgery to limit super large empires and the daily grind of admin to be a natural break on the over expansion by a single player. This may be mistaken (God I hope so!) but if that’s the case then the sheer drudgery of making fighting fleets might be deliberate. Consider:

Right now I have Systems filled with solo ships waiting to be consolidated. If a raider fleet found one of those and wanted to hurt me then they could have their Battle-fleet cut a swathe in all these solos effectively chastising my arrogance for not sorting them into combat groupings.

This is just the sort of audacious tactic that while it tends to only work once would indeed make for a very interesting a possible war changing raid.

So for that reason I wouldn’t want auto fleet assembly but happily go with DeiCide’s idea of setting a kind of “Rally point” where a set number of ships assemble at after construction for easier fleet assembly but only when the player manually attends to the needs of that system.

Perhaps “Fleet dispersal” could be a Tech where you get so many “Rally points” per system for free, but you still had to go in and assemble the fleets manually once in a while?

I guess it all depends on the flavour of BD’s end game that the Devs want > More war or War & more?

Its a double edged sword this one… if you limit by drudgery then the player will the most time is significantly advantaged… though if you make everything snappy then again the player with most time will be significantly advantaged and have way more…

It cant just be about a players time, there should be some limit on growth, but I’m not in favour of capping…

So is there an answer? Maybe, Not a nice one (not in favour of capping)…however… Give everyone 20 building tokens (licences) per hour… so after day you have 480 tokens…

1 token allows scheduling of 1 building…


if you have 48 planets you can make 10 buildings per planet per day
if you have 480 planets you can make 1 building per planet per day

So everyone can implement it in a different strategy…

tokens have no limit and new players gain token pro-rata based on the age of the galaxy… start 10 days in and you have 4800 tokens to use. This also allows new players to in theory catch up somewhat…

I wouldn’t limit anything else unless building fleets also consume token/licences…

*20 might be too little but you get the idea.

Making fleets is a pain. Anything to simplify and reduce the drudgery of creating fleets will enhance the game’s playability and make it more enjoyable. I think templates are the simplest and best way to go.

Personally, I prefer the shipyard storing fleets. And I am in favor of capping the # of combat fleets (soft capping, could be expanded with more shipyards). I do not like capping the number of combat fleets someone has based on the time they have. This is the worst kind of capping. And yes, fleet templates. You would actually see more diversity on fleets if you give us a fleet template @mel. We won’t be making general all purpose ships anymore, but actually increase the variety of ship types as we do not need to sort through fleet building ourselves. Definitely save server resources too.

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i wouldnt like to see “fleet storing” as a standard thing. maybe 1 race gets a fleet hanger that can store a single fleet’s worth of ships in the ship yard (and destroyed with the shipyard) while another race can build independent ship docks that also provide an alternate function? If a player race lives underwater, they would naturally get an infinite number of hidden ships only lost when they loose the planet.
Earlier the devs talked about fairness in un-equality, and i think this would be a good spot.

as far as the OP goes, yea, im pretty sure everyone hates it as it is indeed a chore but i see a little bit of an issue. the more fleets you have, the most ships, and the more data per fleet. as it stands now, the data kind of balloons pretty quick (at least as far as my understanding of the coding goes-which isnt much) but with templates, 75% of the data would quickly turn into whats different from the template. the positioning of ships is near infinite as the game allows for fine adjustments, but if a template was used, the positioning data wouldn’t have to be sent for every fleet, only whats different.

Really what it comes down to is that i like limitations to come in the form of naturally occurring system (upkeep and such) and not the irritation of monotony. I dont even like the hard limit of 1 shipyard per planet, but its reasonable and the game cant be fully designed and coded until after we get half way through coding it.

I don’t want my ship/fleet information to be known anyways (without espionage) that information is too well known now on the leaderboard. I believe this needs to change. I can hide my ships now if I choose to by keeping them within the inner ring of one of my planets, so whether they are stored in a ship dock or within the rings of a planet what difference does that make. If a player wants to come and attack me, orbital bombing would be available to them to assist them in destroying my ship dock (holding my ships) along with the planet.

There is already discussion on having other adjustments to resources, build times, upkeep and cost of building ships that will naturally reduce the basic number of ships. So I’m not sure what you are getting at.

Who and what are you referring to?

Reducing the number of fleets I can have at a time does not affect the irritation of forming fleets. Yes I’ll have to do it less often, but it’s still a painful cycle I dont have to go through.

I did a reply to you, but I’m in favor of templates, that should simplify and ease the pain of making fleets. Maybe I didn’t understand everything in your post. I’m also in favor of ship docks to store ships that are not already formed into fleets.

is there a discussion where it expains how the fleets are made that the rest of the people following this disscution can see what u are talking about, also is there a way that if u want to do the fleet making and do templates if u choose?

the closest thing we have to templates atm is an auto position feature. after you’ve added all the ships to the fleet, you can select a formation and the game will position the fleets for you.

i do not want every race to have ship docks because they can simply pick off an attacker’s fleet while they are away at work and whats he going to do about it? nothing bc hes at work. and automated feature may follow the enemy fleet straight into the orbital defense making the issue even worse. i can keep going but ill stop with, i do not want every race to have the ability to not only hide a fleet, but keep it protected from invaders 100%.

beyond the above, everyone wants templates and i dont like rules that dont have a natural reason behind them. simple basic rules everyone knows before picking up the game helps new players start off and helps veterans because there are less rules to figure out and remember.

I did not say fleet, I said ships. Once made into a fleet they would no longer have access to be stored.

Fleets are made currently by adding one ship at a time to a fleet once the flagship has been determined. Basically you move them to the “flagship”, then they are in a pile and you add them one by one to form a fleet. Quite tedious if you have a ton of ships made that require fleeting.

not much of a difference when you can drop a mine field on top of the invader…

Takes 1 hour before a mine field is active, so that’s hardly “dropping” a mine field

Minefields require more strategy now with the introduction of a 1 hour deployment time.

The introduction of a dock would help keep ships out of the game until they are formed into a single entity rather than individual ships… takes me 5 minutes to load the game (most of that is loading the fleets)… would be interested to know how long it takes @Happyworld to load the game…

I also don’t believe many players have played anywhere near as much as they would when this becomes real … i.e. on release…

When the guy is at work or sleeping, it could take 4 hours and not make a difference.

I get that, but when the fleet is made, at a time of your choice, you can still wreak havoc on an attacker. I have lag problems too, I get it, and if this is given to all races as a temporary solution until the bug gets sorted, then I’m perfectly fine with that, but lets not break the game just because its already broken.

Luckily this is a forum and a generally crowd forged game, and a lot of opinions matter.

There are quite a few people that have wanted docks, I see everything you are saying, and I don’t fully agree with you. Besides there are plenty of ways to balance docks.

  1. There is a limit to how many ships it can have.
  2. If the planet is taken, the docks are destroyed.
  3. The docks aren’t automated, so it can’t form and send fleets out.

As for templates, templates would really stream line the process of building fleets, you can setup a fleet, template it, and just stream that into what ships you have. I don’t see an issue with this.