I guess we're too late - see you next time around

I’ve been advised that the Pre-Beta Galaxy is full - originally posted on General, after discussion with Demo it looks like a bug. @joe please confirm.

That sucks
I thought the galaxy looks a bit small this time round.

@joe can you confirm this?

@Puma pre beta server does say that it is full 938 players with 7,677 stars compared to A3 with 1,544 players and marked as full with 133, 390 stars. Looks like they made a galaxy the size of the skirmish server for pre beta. Hope they are able to expand the max players able to play in pre beta server or make a second pre beta galaxy

I don’t think the A3 galaxy was actually full though, so maybe it’s just a bug with the information being presented if A3 is marked as full as well. Last time I was there, even a couple of months ago I think it was below 30% full. I don’t think that many got added in between. And given they sent out invites to Everyone, you’d think they’d have space for more than 938 players. I thought we had about 3500 or close to it in A3 at some point or in the 3k range. Something doesn’t seem right about the numbers. I’ll get one of our guys who is in, screen shot it and post this as a bug instead.

Thanks for the details.


here’s a crapy pic puma

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Thanks, that works. I appreciate it.

Its def a smaller galaxy, which is surprising given how many invites went out


Have a feeling the dev’s changed the a3 galaxy to full as it’s getting shutdown. Don’t recall it being full before the pre beta opened.

If they can’t expand pre beta maybe a second server is needed as lots have yet to join.

Just woke up to see this thread.

Well aint that a screw up of Biblical proportions. As much as I want to see every play who wants to including Puma & -=DES=- in general spare a moment for all the folks who were sent Guaranteed keys as per the announcement who now find they have nothing to do!

Public relations fail! If a new player gets thier key , installs and see they cant get in if we EVER heard from them again IDA will be luckier than they ever deserve! I seriously doubt the 900 or so folks that are in game represent every key that was sent out yet! Surely there must be more that may be planning to come on in? - or Were!

This has to be a Bug (Please god let it be a Bug!) I’m with Warmongers when A3 got closed off something got flipped here to. That or somebody used the “Close Galaxy” command from the command console (you know the one that’s been bug reported for years!) and it worked!


ruh ro raggy, watta we gonna do? dats not a good thing :frowning:

“Uh I dunno scoob! Shout Heeelp Heelp! I guess!”

server full, what gives. are they getting more servers? no announcement?

I imagine we’ll hear from them in the morning once they take a look at the forums.