How would you describe Outscape?

We need to revamp the website text soon and had a thought…

How would you guys describe Outscape in your own words to another gamer that didn’t know anything about it?

If you care to share it would be very useful and interesting for us to hear (1 or 2 sentences would be great - less than 50 words - send by PM if you prefer).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Outscape is whatever you want it to be; you can be a merchant and hire other players to carry out your wars or be a ruthless warrior plundering planets.

Its what I have told my friends.

Outscape - Economic sandbox

I could have answered this a year ago… (In fact I believe I did have a go analysing the whole of the Game-play page)

But we frankly do not have enough of the Game working for an accurate pithy tagline to be done in my opinion. Its just no longer in a state where I would even recommend someone I know to join the Alpha anymore.

I have to agree with zathabar. I know things are going to get better, but it takes a certain type of person to log in and poke around in an alpha. Particularly when if you’d end up feeling so isolated, not just because there’s the chance there is no one nearby to fight/ally with, but you can’t even communicate with them very easily. It seems like very few people pay any attention to global chat which seems odd as it is the only means of communication really. Sure there is the smoke signal version that is public messages with ships. But really needs to be more localized commincations and DIRECT communication.

I just now bumped into like no less then 3 folks on my northern border, WAY NORTH. havn’t seen anyone and now all of a sudden 3 people. No clue how far along they are, but now all of a sudden i’m back in full swing cataloging planets so i can complete my intended relocation project to vastly increase resource output and then get this crap kicked into high gear. Think itll get interesting here soon.

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