How to Safely Scout a System

I know my details show, not certain yet how to fix it. At this point in the game I don’t care.

Update: Thanks to @Puma she reminded me I forgot to add that when entering a new system for the very first time, DO NOT send to a planet, send to arrive near the sun, then start your exploring the same as I have shown on the video.


Streamer mode in settings scrambles user data.

Thanks I’ll try it next time. This took me most of the day to figure out lol.

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Well done sir! Much needed : especially with newer players not knowing about the auto attack function of ships in orbit etc! [Hint you Devs!]


Super useful! We should get this added to the wiki in some sort of gameplay guide section before it gets buried in the forum.


Though I use this method a lot, I wish it didn’t work the way it does. I’d rather have fleets destroyed instead of getting a free peak into a planet. Losing a scout is a small price to pay compared to the intel that can be gathered.

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Sadly I agree with Archo.

Too much info to easily obtained, BUT the scouting of a system is such an UTTER drag right now I am not asking for a change…

Now if we have some automation of system surveying and or fleshing out of the role of the scout in general… then yes please revisit this and make it more interesting but at a cost. IE an auto scout of a system only give basic info r that some body that spends the time (is this skill?) to do each planet with a manual scan, gets more and better info perhaps with some sort of occasional bonus?

Star Wars: Rebellion!!!

Build probe driods, and send them on recon missions. If a planet’s occupied there’s a chance the droid is detected and destroyed.

Make probes single use, and data gained is static (not the out-of-sight-out-of-mind we have now). I can just fire them off as I need to. The role of the scout would be to discover systems, and give more detailed info vs probes.

This results in not having to survey planets one at a time (though scouts could still manually scan), we have a built in defense against spying, and scouts can be used more for scouting than surveying.

This was discussed on one of @Zathabar recent post. A player needs to know if a system is occupied, BUT possibly most civs don’t need to know “everything” about an occupied planet by doing a fly by.

What intel they should be able to obtain is who is occupying it and the civ(s) without having to stop in orbit. I suggested that PR should be able to obtain ALL the present intel by using a corvette with a special module that only works on a corvette hull but can be activated under cloak, so not necessary to be the flagship . (last part wasn’t on the original post) by performing a fly by. All other civs would need to stop in orbit to find out the same intel, thus subjecting them to attack by either ships in orbit or the OBD.

One of the aspects of this game is exploration, it’s not only a war game, so I would have to disagree with making scouting “too automated”. Alliances may want to assign certain individuals who “like” to explore and they can bring back the intel to the Alliance to make system/planet assignments to member so they can colonize it in line with the Alliances goals. It’s really only a drag, to people like me, who prefer to fight rather than explore.

On automated exploration, maybe do it like stellaris. Make a tech for it sothat ppl can’t do it from the get go and it requires some investment.Once you research the tech you can access automated exploration abilities. Call the tech navigational AI or something


I like the concept in general. Will think on it more. Maybe a tech specific to PR?

Also a separate note for the New Players. One thing this video DOES NOT show is when sending to a system for the first time, NEVER send directly to a planet. Send your ship so it first arrives near the sun.


Thanks, I should have included that in my post.

Probes were supposed to be a syntis thing.

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Interesting. I’ve never played Toaster, Do they have faster research ?

Looking at the “Old Bob” pic there and the current battle-wagon Icon I think we can cross out the last one as well (Yes I know that was a reference to Happiness! j/k)

Hard to say they have a entire tech tree for temps and planet/ship limits.
This is with one lab at start.

A number of things have changed from the way things were proposed initially.

I think all automation should be tech based. Make it something a player has to chose to make this a priority.