How to log into game?

months ago i played the game labeled as “outscape alpha” on steam. it seems like they discontinued that and made a different version called “outscape”. someone said if you had alpha access key you can still play on current version. how do i do that?

Hello Mana

That was me in my other dress… You should find Outscape Alpha still in your steam library (Well My wife did as a test and she hadn’t played since Closed BETA) clicking on that to update eventually got the game to the point where she could play once more (without any purchase made) and help me dual pop some of my worlds till I joined my current alliance.

See this blog post here:

Scroll to Offering to Current Players and you should see that you still ought to be able to access the Main 1 Galaxy even if you haven’t been on for a while.

Maybe @joe can advise you further. This certainly worked for my Wife’s account last month. Good luck & Welcome Back (in advance!)

well if i try to log into game on the “outscape alpha” it wont let me even tho i played in a galaxy before. asks me for my key. i look in my mail from back when i got the key it says activation failed. and at least for “outscape” only way i can get that version is to pay. so im pretty confused right now. also even tho i havnt played for maybe 4 or so months the game client does not patch or update that also seems strange. i tried to uninstall and reinstall same issues.
i am just confused not sure how to make this work.

Hmm that is not what we’ve experienced in chez Zathabar … sounds a bit like the games player database has somehow “forgotten” you but I cant see how…

Can you log into your IDA Account at all?

If so see if you can update anything there? Refresh it as it were? That’s about all I can think of I fear you’re gonna have to get @Joe to take a look though sounds deep ju ju to me now??

I see you listed on the PreBeta Galaxy scoreboard at position 197 Galactic Emperor

So from what I have seen there is no reason at all you shouldn’t be able to log right back into that galaxy as of now (subject to updates etc??) As for a few days more at least that Galaxy you are listed in is still live!??!

I presume you did the old “Verify integrity of files” on Steam already? And other basics - like you do have room for updates and your steam install is working fine otherwise? Yeah thought so but had to ask… :wink:

Nah its IDA have lost you somehow but i am sure @Joe can restore that account so you can test the waters again.

well i mean. i am logged in that is how i am posting. there is the issue of there being 2 completely different same games on steam. one is called “outscape alpha” witch seems to have been discontinued steam just goes to homepage if i try to click on community hub or store page on “outscape alpha” then there is “outscape” there is nothing i can do from my end to allow myself to install the second one “outscape” without buying it. if i try to log into “outscape alpha” it just asks me for my key then when i put in my key from that old email it says auth failed.

Are you logged in to Steam on the same account as you were when you played previously? Because the prompt to enter your key only appears if the game can’t match your Steam user to a game user. It happens sometimes when the game can’t connect to Steam, but if it will also happen if you’re trying to play with a different Steam user to the one that was originally linked to your IDA Games account (the account you’re logged in to with the forum now).


yes it is same account. here are some ss.

anyone pls?

Hi, I sent you a PM about this earlier yesterday (there’s a link to your messages from the top right menu).