How mine-field actually could be reworked into offline protection

Seeing as mine-fields work horribly as offline protection and even system defence, I propose the following.

  1. X minutes after you log off, your minefields cannot be sweeped, they can only decay.
  2. Obviously for this to work then you no longer can put mine-fields arbitrarily everywhere. This is something that should have never been the case as it is impossible to balance something that can do so much damage by allowing it to be put anywhere. It would be like ODS firing 1200 damage nukes being able to be put anywhere in space. So therefore the mine-laying modules will be removed and replaced by am expensive tiered building. Each tier corresponds to the current mine-laying levels.
  3. Minefields that overlap will cancel each other out, if they are of the same strength, otherwise the strongest will win. That way it wont be that easy to colonize inside other peoples territories and putting mine-fields there. Putting minefields in other peoples territories is another thing that should not have been possible as it is highly abusable.

With this in place then you have a proper offline defence and, since they will decay, it wont last forever if you aren’t an active player.

i dont see that going to work sorry.

can be easily abused with just logging off,
can be easily abused with multiple accounts.
can be easily negated with sweepers flying through the minefield like before.

instead of just creating new threads, go dig through this forum and find that your suggestions have been already made like 10 times already.

No. Like I said, it will take X minutes for the protection to kick in. And again, logging off to avoid a fight is an issue in every MMO so we are not reinventing the wheel here.

Multiple accounts is a problem in any MMO. Not a reason to not try to improve things.

Yet nothing seem to be happening. Wonder why…

And there is nothing wrong with different people coming up with similar ideas. If the devs dont like it then they wont implement it. Not like this forum is super-active. If anything, posts about minefield from different people, specially by newcomers, is an indication to the devs that something is not right about it.

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So if I see invasion fleets I just log off and let my friends come over and attack the fleets that now can’t go through the minefields.

This is the case in every other MMO, where people try to log off to avoid a fight. Hence why devs put in timers and other things to prevent it from happening.

So in this case (assuming speed server) you see a fleet coming for your systems and you log off, it will take say 30 mins for the protection to kick in and by that time the invader should have enough time to sweep the minefield.

Send some counter fleets as decoys and log off. 30 minutes is not very much time at all. And as Rae said in his edit side accounts are a big issue as they can be used to defend.

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Like I said, every other MMO out there, when you log off then you are relatively safe so not sure why this is an issue here, except for the people wanting to play 24/7.

If you mean side accounts using the logged of accounts minefield for protection then I see the problem there. Probably planetary shields would be a better offline protection then. Don’t think you will ever be able to stop people from side accounts to get unfair advantages though.

Rae! You can’t be bothered by new threads re-hashing old solutions and ideas.

It is a healthy part of the process my friend :stuck_out_tongue:

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And zap! Necroed the most recent mine thread for no directly relevant reason. continuing here because over there was off topic and… Here’s the other part of the conversation:

No, but I’d move my own fleets through my own territory while not online… Add in an automatic mine evasion function, pair the fleet up with a mine detector and send the pair east. Are you honestly upset it would take an escourt to do this?

There has yet to be a satisfactory option in my eyes. Feel free to petition the devs to make the next speed galaxy a no mine galaxy and I will gladly sit at the sidelines with my popcorn, marshmellows, and a roasting stick.

Why would you need an escort to go through your own territory lol. And why would I be upset? I’d move my fleets through my own territory (if I knew I wasn’t in an active war) if I was offline too. I’d escort them only if I was in an active war situation and then I’d likely move them when I am online I honestly don’t know what you’re referring to. And why are you talking about this on the minefield thread? I never posted here. I refuse to discuss minefields any further. They either will stay in the game or they won’t. Don’t drag me into the conversation about them.

Mmm. I should have been more clear. The go east was intended to mean go explore.

Not like crying. I just got the impression that you were strongly opposed to the idea.

The original thread is about mine fields. Why wouldnt we talk about it here?

The original thread was about making Battles cooler, not minefields.

Fiar enough. I reread the posts and realized I made a mistake. I apologize.