How i can change lang back to ENG?

how i can change lang back to ENG ?

Not seeing one in game unless i’m overlooking something?

not ingame, mb i should reinstall game ?

I think theirs a drop down once you log on top right of the galaxy screen. i’m not sure.

I don’t believe it’s possible to change it after the initial login, but I’ve asked the devs if there is a workaround and will get back to you on it. It’ll need adding to the settings.

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Well I see several of our Russian players swap back and forth in global chat from English to Russian characters Joe.
So its do able, one of you should play the current Galaxy now and again old chap you’d learn a lot.

need RUS to ENG
but i duno how

hello ?
is this game alive ?

Small team of devs so things can be slow getting done.

i heared dev are ukranian mens, so: хлопцi ну шо там ?

It’s Shift+alt combination, thanks to windows,

When players first setup their account they can choose EN or RU and all of the UI text is displayed in that language (EN is default). But there’s no way to change it after.

At the moment, there is no way to change it back. We’ll need to add the setting to the UI. Sorry about that.

Did you try reinstalling?

no, i want reinstall after galacy is restarted.

Then how do @Pepelekus and @balbulator and several others swap back and forth nearly every day in General chat?

The game chat might be able to while the client just has one or the other in the download.

wut about them ? they use chat, so ?

I thought that was your question sir? How to swap between Russian & English in chat? You post here in English but in game in Russian so I thought you were stuck. Sorry if I was wrong!

in chat ? its a problem ?

Not at all. I guess I misunderstood :slight_smile: