How does the ODS target fleets?

I am trying to figure out how the Orbital Defence System targets fleets and I cant really figure out what the algorithm is. Sometimes it targets bomber fleets, sometimes tank fleets.

Does it randomly pick a fleet and stick with it? Does each ODS target a different fleet for each round? It seems to stick to one fleet as I usually end up with one heavily damaged fleet but cant say for sure as sometimes I get several damaged fleets.

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Many people have tried. Some have succeeded.

It’s not random. It doesn’t change by round (unless you move fleets in/out). Good luck.

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It seems it depending on internal fleet ID. If i have move 1 fleet, that is targeted by ODS, out of orbit and reenter, the same fleet still be target. It looks like that lowest ID gets attacked first, so if you build a new fleet, it is most likely not be targeted.

Yeah I heard that but I also heard it is not valid anymore. Why aren’t the devs just being forward and tell us how the ODS does targetting instead of having us guess?

Imo the ODS should focus fire fleets based on threat which is calculated, in order:

  1. How many orbital bombardment modules exist in a fleet
  2. How many troop transport modules are there in fleet
  3. How many ships are there in a fleet
  4. What is the cumulative armor of a fleet. Lowest armor gets highest prio so it gets destroyed quickly

Sounds like scouts would get hit first… Ship in scout fleets by DN and feed them in slowly. There are several posted ideas on the forums about how they work, you should start with the help category.

As it is the fourth, and lowest prio in the list, then no. Scouts would not get hit first. Does not matter much though as that list was just at the top of my head. The point is that the ODS should be as efficient as possible in destroying high value fleets, starting with the one that is the most threat to the colony, i.e. bomber and invasion fleets.

Maybe it already is targeting intelligently but I have not found any documentation on the matter. I am guessing not as more often than not my tank fleets, with zero bombers, often get hit.

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