How do you start?


With the beta looming, I am curious as to other people’s priorities when starting up. Several people have restarted multiple times either due to curiosity, boredom, or because they were wiped out. That being said even those that didn’t restart would have an idea of what they want to do at the start, over the first couple days.

So what do you guys prioritize at the start? I suspect the priorities may differ slightly from race to race but I will go over my Ripchee priority:

Research: scouts/weapons first then headed to colonizing immediately for obvious reasons. While that is happening I put emphasis on making a trio of a ship design that is more suitable than the default. Because even 3 default scouts can’t take out a pirate without losses. (Ripchee scouts are extremely weak defensively)

Minimal planetary infrastructure upgrades. This is because I needed to save enough credits for my colonizer.

I then ran around and explored the system. I began the process of “scraping” surface resources off of the other planets, to consolidate them on my home planet so I had them.

At that point for me in the alpha2 my money was running low so I simply waited till I could make my colonizer and did so immediately.

How about you? What priorities to you place emphasis on at the beginning?


When i start im going to immediately go for the basic starter tech, then go for colonization ships, and then maybe go for astroid mining tech. Then immediately go for research centers. I am then going to go colonizing any planet with baron or zyril ouput, so i can maximize in research. Afterward its just getting the tech for a decent fleet, and then the rest is simple.


I think I’m am going to play that new race if I get in


I’ll be going colonization tech, mining, and research centers. Dependent on how the new tree looks. In the beginning ill be looking for planets with large synth populations, to get the early boost of credits. If none around I’ll be colonizing any planets with population on them to start growing them.