How do I stop my PC from scrolling when in windowed mode

I prefer non-windowed mode, but it’s difficult to follow the forum and discord if I do since they aren’t linked to the game yet. When I do use windowed mode, my game screen scrolls so I’m looking at distant space. Is there some setting I can change to stop this?

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I know edge scrolling was a promised feature. But now that its in can we please have a toggle to switch the damn thing off? If its good for you great I don’t wanna see it gone but if you find it annoying then a simple toggle in settings ought to be a small issue yes?
(After you have done alliances 1.0 of course!)


Also another option is to provide links to both Discord and the Forum from inside the game (which isn’t a bad idea either way). Even after there are alliance features there may be a desire to visit both. But again after at least alliance features 0.1 (minimal) is available in game. @joe

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In the mean time, ive just been minimizing the game.