How Buildings SHOULD be.... (IMOHO)


Reading @odis’s post today, reminded me of something that’s been at the back of my mind for a while now.

Buildings: they are all too linear. Loadsa folks have asked for the ability to switch off/mothball/hibernate buildings so I reference that as well. But there is more to it than that.

Once you have a Building (of any Tech level or type) unless it shit by an atom bomb its not lightly going away, even if “destroyed” it rarely is in real life not totally usually and with that in mind I wondered what anyone thought of this as a list of potential “states of construction”

  • Functioning - What we have now as standard; no need to elaborate.
  • Crippled - What happens after the building takes a “hit” but is not utterly wrecked. This allows for incremental effects during riots & Bombing attacks on that planet (Both of which should be made easier if this intermediary state is introduced I might add!) Crippled Buildings need their full power & personnel requirements but perform one third of their usual function till repaired.
  • Derelict * - or “Ruined” if you prefer. These buildings produce nothing use no Power but DO require one tenth of their usual personnel (Assume these are Security Guards and or custodians keeping the building from falling into irretrievable disrepair). This state should be what a voluntarily deactivated building goes into if that very worthy Idea ever sees the light of day. Likewise a building that takes “two hits” from Rioting and or Planet bombers is now in this state.
  • Raised - A Raised Building is just a site no Power or personnel requirements but if a building of the same type of ANY race is built on a raised site it is fractionally easier to produce (we can hash the numbers if you like the idea). Naturally buildings rioted upon or bombed drop to this on three hits (which remember should be a whole lot easier if this system is adopted! - I suggest Rioters ought to deliver 5 hits to random buildings crippling several OR destroy one and crippling up to two others so Riots are actually MORE effective )
    If you are taking over a world and need to convert say a Farm from the natives version to your own this state actually aids you very slightly so if you Bomb them out you are actually “helping” in a way. Well arguably there is no Res rebate as there would be if you deconstructed it but I submit this is still a useful option as spare res is often NOT an issue, getting infra structure back and running is in my experience!

Having this sort of variety will enhance (potentially) several other mechanics like invasions as you slowly wear down a defender and they must either repair or fully dismantle crippled buildings. Naturally rebuilding a building from one state to another should be a good bit cheaper than a new construction. About one third cost in res & time I would have said?

Rioting is far too on or off as well so if we give buildings a bit of variation like this we can open that mechanic up a bit so it occurs a bit more frequently possibly setting the stage for a covert sort of attack raid that targets specific buildings… Would be sense to try and wreck the orbital defences and or barracks with a commando raid or sponsored reble rioters after all… But thats another epistle probably.

Sigh! But this would mean adding the incredibly difficult to grasp concept of “Building Hit points” (I mean whose ever heard of that eh!) to the the game and the DEV team are hell bent on dumbing it down to the point of annihilation so I realise I am pipe dreaming.

But that’s also the point, occasionally dreams spark other dreams and maybe just maybe folks will wake up and realise folks that care enough to post are all crying out for MORE features and complexity NOT the simplistic drivel that we are getting…

Flame away!



Functioning: 100-90% HP 100% functionality
Reduced operations: 90-75% HP 80% functionality
Crippled:75%-50% HP 30% functionality
Derelict:50%-25% HP 0% functionality
Raised:25%-1% HP 0% functionality
Naturally mines and farms have 10 HP +2/lvl, military structures have more. Maybe 75 at level 1 and it would go up.

Rioters and bombardments have a higher chance to hit damaged buildings, maybe a value of 1 + 1 for every HP lost. Targeting specific buildings increases odds of hitting those structures and therefore that specific building again.