How about a touch more variety

So I was cruising through the Galaxy just now and spotted a 1/5 Pirate in a system and said to myself “Oh ho likely abandoned home-world ahead my lad!”

I then flipped through the planets (none of which I had scouted) and immediately could see there was a Ripchee player Home-world there.

Then it dawned on me: Damn this game is predictable right now! One glance at the systems layout had told me rather a lot of information really. Home-world, Player race likely status of said home-world and therefore possibly another world in system with a smaller player colony in it!

So in future galaxy’s can we have some minor tweaking to the Home-worlds so they are not ALL exactly the same temp (+/- 1-2 degrees wont hurt) ditto Hydro balance.

And for goodness sake have the starter Pirates move around and disappear and come back every so often as right now if I see one of those I am 99% sure I have found an abandoned home-world. They may as well be a “COME AND INVADE ME” flag as it stands…


Is that not the same as seeing vultures circling meaning there is a potential meal ahead? It could be said that your observation is part of game play and should continue. Not arguing here. Just making an observation.

That’s a fair observation. But personally I feel the old hands and players that are aggressive should work harder for their victims by introducing a bit more uncertainty into the game.

On one hand we have the ongoing ridiculous situation of our star spanning computers “forgetting” what was in the system they just left the moment they are outta sensor range:


On the other side we have so much standardised info we can pick up just by visiting a system without spending more than seconds in it let alone scanning the planets (Which could and should be automated - but either way should be player instigated at least!)

A bit more variation I feel would bring a bit more balance?

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I think there is a balance between automation of monotonous actions and player participation. Some suggestions I have seen would indicate low attention spans and those that just want to win. I would say this is not the game for them and they should try a simple “shoot em up” instead. The word balance appears a lot and I think this is a good thing. Which is pretty well what you said earlier now that I read back .

I do not feel we will ever have this without also having many more races due to the requirement that all player homeworlds be top notch. It maybe better if we are unable to get a good scan pf any fleet in a solar when your too far away. Its a UFO until the solar is within half of your scan radius.

I agree. Pirates are a dead give away right now.

Also, why only ever one Pirate ship?

Pirates could be given a script to attack lone, mining, hauling ships. Without escorts, that is what Pirates used to do. Pray on ships and raid them for goodies.

You’ll find more than one pirate ship as you progress in technology.

Oh they’ll get around to that. After a while they will take a shot at armed Freighter fleets I can personally testify to that. But at the start of a players game? Yes its good to introduce that player to basic combat mechanics with what is basically a semi mobile target. I am just sayin’ that a starter pirate that senses a different player to the one whose system they spawned in ought to behave differently, even if all it did was “Hide” in the orbit of an uninhabited world in that system while said players ship(s) were preset would be a huge improvement.

But the main thrust of my original post was “does anyone have objection to us randomising start world stats by +/- 1%?” I submit it wont make a great deal of difference to the players start point but will add a significant amount of mystery, for a small change, to later game especially if that player has dropped that Galaxy?

I’d much prefer if there were various templates of either specialized or well rounded home systems. Let players choose which template fits their favored content.